Top Reasons to Build a Business Mobile App

Technological advancements in the communications sector have risen significantly today, and it’s all due to the mobile phone. These tech devices are now an essential part of our lives where we can’t live for a minute without a phone. But what exactly is it that attracts us the most about these gadgets today? Everyone knows the answer; it is a mobile application.

Yes, people spend almost 2 hours a day on the mobile app. Even its downloads are constantly increasing every year, as there were around 218 billion app downloads in 2019.

So what happens if you add this advancement and popular demand to your business? It will give your business an exponential increase. And today, the development of mobile business applications is not a current trend; It is a must to adopt for a successful business. It is part of their customer-centric business models. By developing a mobile business application, you will see a significant increase in your income.

Can’t you believe it? See the fantastic business achievements of mobile business applications based on the recent app development statistics.

  • Global mobile app revenue reached 581.9 billion in 2020.
  • In 2022, app revenue is expected to reach 808.7 billion (Google Play and iOS App Store) based on a CAGR of 17%.
  • By this calculation, iOS apps’ revenue will remain higher than Google Play, and the gap would have narrowed to $ 96 million to $ 60 billion, respectively.
  • There were 204 billion app downloads in 2019 and 194 billion in 2018.

No doubt that the mobile world is booming day by day, the penetration rate is booming without any downfall.

If not convinced yet, take a look at the particular business benefits of mobile app once:

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Businesses are always looking for an effective platform to promote their brand, and a mobile application is the right choice. It helps your brand stand out in the market. Once users install the app on their mobile devices, they frequently come across the brand logo, improving awareness and visibility.

The more often they communicate with your business application, the sooner they recognize you and take advantage of your products and services.

You can achieve the highest level of brand awareness with your mobile business app in many ways, such as:

  • Push notifications of the latest products and offers
  • List of prices of products and services and available discounts
  • Announcements of company events and activities
  • Add business and product information.

Mobile apps are an effective and best platform to promote your brand more than other marketing platforms. It guarantees more visibility and attention from the target audience.

2. Digital Marketing Channel

Now, we have fully moved into the world of smartphones. This place is continuously growing for a company where incorporating a mobile business application is an essential digital marketing strategy.

Our experts call this application a sales generating platform because it generates 90% of the traffic. Google survey reports that 82% of smartphone users check their devices before buying something.

From the facts and figures shown in the image, you can get an idea of the vital role that a mobile app plays in digital marketing. And now it is an essential part of modern marketing strategies due to its great multi-level offerings.

3. Improve Customer Service

Customer service is an integral part of any business. If the customer service is not good, then there is no chance that your business will be successful. Gone are the days when the salesperson or customer service agent used to answer customer inquiries.

Mobile apps have become a game-changer now, as you can also see from the picture. Today, 78% of people use mobile applications for their inquiries. Provides real-time assistance to customers and solves their queries.

By making room for mobile apps, your customers won’t have to rely on customer service executives. It also reduces the expenses you spend on your customer service workforce.

4. Profit’s Rise

Mobile applications have taken an inherent place in the business and have even achieved significant growth in a short time. From enterprises to startups, they have all benefited greatly. Entrepreneurs are focussing more on online sales as to cover a wide customer network through websites and mobile apps. They are looking to hire android app developers or ios developers who could create effective apps at a fractional cost that suits their business needs. These versatile advancements are reaching everywhere and generating sales. It broadens the customer base, and today these applications alone have a 99% market share.

Let’s see how the mobile application increases sales and profits:

1. Expand Your Customer Base:

Sales always depend on your promotional channels, and a mobile application is a primary tool for this.

2. Sales Efficiency or Effectiveness:

Developing a sales application is always the right thing to do in business. It helps the administrator or his operator to find all the data in a single consolidated solution every time in one go.

3. Take The Pressure Off Your Sales Team:

Without a business application, a seller will never get the data correctly. They will get it in an unarranged way that disrupts all business operations. Thus, mobile applications reduce the sales team’s workload and focus more on their strategies.

4. The Mobile Application For Sales is More Organized:

With a sales application, you can maintain your sales database in an assembled format. You can collect users and leads to the data. Hence, mobile apps ensure a smooth workflow by storing all sales data in a well-organized manner.

So, this is how mobile business apps help increase your profits. And here, you can also take the example of Dominos, which currently receives almost 52% of mobile app sales. During their first six months of commercial application, they had seen a 28% increase in sales coming from the mobile application.


Around 90% of businesses have mobile apps today, and they are making huge profits with them. No matter which niche you belong to, developing an app can give you a competitive edge in the market.

The benefits are beyond your business goals; all you have to do get a quality mobile app developed by the experienced team of mobile app development company in India. So, go ahead and make your decision today and grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Good Luck!



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