An Unplanned Moment of Discovery

“When it’s obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals adjust the action steps.”


I have always been an over thinker, in fact I would certify my brain as the no.1 accumulator of all possible negative scenarios. Even if I was going on a “relaxing” outing to the beach, my mind can immediately start churning up all the scariest possible scenarios. Tsunamis, sharks …you name it, and I’ve imagined it.

My brain is usually 50 steps ahead of my body and it produces the end result of a situation even before it’s happened. This results in a mini panic attack and often leads me take off in the other direction.

One scenario when this occurs is when I make a new goal. It could be as simple as a completing a work assignment or even reaching a personal fitness goal. Being the lazy perfectionist that I am, I immediately start to over think it. This way I’m letting my mind do all the work, while I do nothing.

But one day everything changed.

I didn’t plan my moment of self-discovery; in fact it happened spontaneously. The “AHA MOMENT” occurred when I was doing something I loved… eating of course! With a plate of hot steaming rice curry in front of me I began eating my meal using a trick I had learnt when I was just a little girl. My mom had always told me to start eating from the sides of the plate and then work my way to the middle to avoid getting burnt. Before I learnt this, I constantly had to be fed, as I would dive hastily straight for the center of the plate, struggling to devour everything all at once. After getting burnt more than a few times, meal times became a dreaded thing for me. I would find millions of excuses to escape the scary task of feeding myself. But once I knew the secret of how to deal with my burning hot food, I finally started to enjoy my meal times.

This recollection brought me back to my present method of dealing with new goals. If it’s a fitness goal, I repeatedly plunge straight to the tough stages. I try and imagine being the most perfectly fit person on earth! Then I try to brave through everything on my plate all at once, I sign up for yoga, aerobics and weightlifting all in one week. This regularly causes me to run away from failure and even get “burnt” before I’ve had a chance to learn to apply the right technique to reach my end goal.

Since my discovery, I’ve learnt to let go of the need to force my brain to solve every looming difficulty all at once. Instead I try and recognize the things I am capable of first.

In fact, tackling the things I am capable of one at a time, has even aided me in finding answers to new dilemmas that I didn’t know how to solve when I first began.

Sometimes it takes a life changing incident to make a discovery, but every now and then the little things you already knew can lead you to see the world in a brand new way.

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