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After successful recruitment drives for the past five years, we are back with Droid Wars for 2018. Droid Wars is a gateway for first yearites to be a part of an amazing learning and fun experience with MDG. Being a part of the group you will be in touch with like-minded people, who are mobile development enthusiasts as well as pursue other software development practices. For the last two years we are conducting Droid Wars alongside Winter of Code to give you people a greater chance to be a part of MDG.

What is Droid Wars ?

It is a hackathon specially organized for first yearites by MDG as a part of the recruitment drive. We release certain problem statements and students will have to make an application on Android or iOS platforms according to any one of them. Sending a good submission in Droid wars will send you directly to the final interview round of the recruitment process.

Deadline: 8 January 2019

Problem Statements:

  1. WarTube (Android)
  2. Parliamentary Elections (Android)
  3. Music Player (Android)
  4. File Manager (Android)

NOTE: We do not provide any problem statements for iOS and cross-platform mobile apps built with Flutter or React Native, if you are interested in any of the above options, then you can proceed according to the problem statements given under the category of Android.



  • There are 5 categories (Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, and Design) available for making a submission. Design Problem statement will be released later.
  • You may make multiple submissions across different categories (Android / iOS / Flutter / React Native) but only one in each category.
  • Ensure that the submission fulfills all the requirements mentioned in the problem statement (i.e. all the necessary features).
  • Send us your submissions before the deadline on mdg@iitr.ac.in.
  • If you face any difficulties or have any doubts, you may contact us on chat.

Note Bonus points will awarded to apps made in iOS, Flutter and React Native.

Hint: The bold words in problem statement can be used as keywords for Google search !

Android and iOS Related

  • You are required to make an Android/iOS app for making a submission under this category.
  • There are 4 Problem Statements available in Android category, you are free to choose any one out of them.
  • First try to complete the basic features as given in the problem statement, only after which you may fight for the bonus points. You may get more creative and add anything else as well, make sure it fits correctly.

Flutter Related

  • You are required to make an Flutter app for making a submission under this category.
  • Since, flutter allows you to build UI Intensive apps very easily and beautifully (compared to Android and iOS 😏) so we expect that your app made from the above problem statement should have a good UI.

React Native Related

  • You are required to make an React Native app for making a submission under this category.
  • While building your app you will need to search for various third-party libraries for various components as React Native is emerging rapidly and many native components are yet to be developed, but you may feel free to reach out to us for setting up or developing in React Native, just ping us at our chat.

Guidelines for submission

  • Your submission must contain one of the following two:
  1. A link to your code hosted online on platforms like GitHub (preferred), BitBucket, Gitlab etc.
  2. A zip file containing all the code. (Also include the compiled apk file in the mail attachments for Android, Flutter and React Native category)
  • The subject of the e-mail which you send us at the time of submission must be “DW18:[name]_[branch abbreviation]”.
  • In case you are attatching an apk file, name it as “wartube.apk”, “parelections.apk”, “musicplayer.apk” and “filemanager.apk” for the respective problem statements.
  • If you are providing a drive link to your code then keep in mind to grant access to view the contents.
  • Provide relevant info such as contact number so that we can contact you easily.

General FAQs

Can I make more changes to the app or should I exactly follow instructions given on the blog?

You first have to ensure that you complete the app according to the problem statement. Then you may add whatever feature you like.

What is git / GitHub ? How to use it?

Git is a distributed source control system. It helps to maintain your code and changes in different versions of your project. You may use any git repo hosting service like GitHub or BitBucket.

I don’t have internet at home, can I compete properly?

We would recommend you to get one temporarily, for usual googling. Although there is no problem if you do not have one. Before going home make sure your code compiles properly. And download the videos of these channels from Youtube (google how to do so), you may even find them on DC++.

You may also want to download the udacity course videos, instructions for which can be found here.

If you are already at home, then take advantage of your 4G mobile network, everybody has one nowadays !!

I am unable to find good references?

We have mentioned a few references at the end. If you feel that those are not enough then you can always contact us on our chat and ask for references. We’ll try our best to provide you with the best ones.
You may also go through our blogs for getting started to various topics:

Always try to google before asking somebody else, it is for your own benefit !!

Q/A Forums

  • Stack Overflow — Q/A forum for programmers. Solutions to most of your problems are already posted by someone who faced the same problem earlier !!
  • Google is always there for you.

Once again, ping us for any queries on our chat. This hackathon is not like your examinations where you are given the questions and you’ll have to write answers by yourselves. Interact with us, ask us if you’re stuck and we’ll help you out. Don’t hesitate to ask although make sure you’ve tried to solve the problem before you ask us.
We are eager to see your submissions, give it your best shot and surprise us !

Best of luck !

Mobile Development Group

MDG is an active student group of IIT Roorkee directing its efforts towards creating useful mobile applications and promoting tech-based learning for the same. Learn more about us at http://mdg.iitr.ac.in/

Mobile Development Group

Written by

Mobile Development Group

MDG is an active student group of IIT Roorkee directing its efforts towards creating useful mobile applications and promoting tech-based learning for the same. Learn more about us at http://mdg.iitr.ac.in/

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