Feb 2017 — Mobile Development with NativeScript & Angular

This months Mobile Dorset welcomed Matt Wilson from Senseye to talk about NativeScript using angular to build native mobile apps.

The talk was fantastically in depth and Matt succeeded in showing us how to build a maintainable mobile app for iOS and Android using Typescript (Javascript) and Angular 2.

Presentation Links

Lean Coffee

After the talk we held a Lean Coffee session which saw 5 minute debates on some of the following topics

  • Mobile analytics frameworks — Lee Mallon and Rarely Impossible are releasing a comparison report about these within the next month or so
  • When will we all be javascript developers… The result of which was basically never as the platform code is still written in java and swift for (android and iOS) — Alt title: “What will Alec be doing from march onwards…”
  • Offline and syncing RDB on mobile. (With the hope to avoid a NoSQL implementation at all costs…)
  • Way finding and GPS tracking indoors


We’re currently seeking a talk for March. If you have a project you’d like to demo or a technology you’d like to investigate and then report back on to the group, get in touch and we can help mould your idea’s into a talk.

The best place to contact us is on our slack channel. Join us: http://slack.mobiledorset.com/