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The Business Value of Choosing the Right Mobile Engagement Automation Partner

See how your mobile engagement automation vendor stacks up in a new Wave report from Forrester.

5 Ways Brands Win With the Right Mobile Engagement Automation Partner

As you read through the Forrester report, we wanted to share some of what we believe are the most important business outcomes of partnering with the right MEA vendor:

Future Proof Your Marketing Stack

We have a big vision for the future of customer engagement (See our CEO Brett Caine’s article in the Harvard Business Review to learn more about it). As more devices and marketing channels like chatbots, home assistants and more proliferate, the only way to keep pace is to use a system with easily accessible, open APIs that allow you to share your customer’s latest context and create in-the-moment engagement experiences on any channel or device.

Download your complimentary copy of The Forrester Wave: Mobile Engagement Automation, Q3 2017

Build Deeper Connections With Customers — On Any Channel

Building on that concept, we believe it should be easy to leverage your mobile data anywhere and everywhere you need it to drive real-time customer engagement, conversions — and of course revenue. This vision is part of the reason leading brands across all verticals — including 25% of the Fortune 100 and 20% of the Global 100 — partner and stay with us (we have an enviable customer retention rate).

Execute in Real-Time at Scale

Real-time interactions with users shouldn’t be aspirational, they need to be the norm. We frequently hear from customers who’ve made the move to Urban Airship from other vendors that the competition just doesn’t have the infrastructure to deliver lightning-fast messages. For contextually relevant, in-the-moment messaging, that’s a critical requirement. We’ve been thinking about speed and scale from the beginning, and we continue to deliver on that promise for customers.

Leverage User-Level Mobile Data to Grow Your Business

User-level behavioral data powers customer engagement and growth. Creating authentic connections requires not only a deep understanding of your users, it requires you to be able to put that understanding to work in real time at scale. That’s why we’ve invested over the years in our mobile analytics and customer intelligence solutions Insight and Connect as well as our machine-learning solution Predictive Churn — and why we believe Forrester rated us in this Wave report the highest among all vendors, a 5 out of 5 in the analytics capabilities criteria. No other vendor scored higher in the Analytics Capabilities and Execution Scale criteria, which we believe are the foundation for customer-centric marketing.

Create Delightful Experiences — Regardless of the Size or Expertise of Your Team

A lack of expertise or access to developer teams shouldn’t stop a good idea. That’s why Urban Airship has a deep bench of mobile experts — technical, strategic and execution support services — to help you integrate, ideate and execute campaigns. It’s a major benefit of having been partnering with clients since 2009: we know what’s possible, we know what works and we help our clients get it done.



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