Mobile Growth Handbook 2017

2017 has been an interesting year. While getting an app live should be easier, the changes and shifts in the mobile ecosystem have made it even harder for apps to stand out. With the launch of iOS11, the new App Store will make it even harder for small brands to be discovered, and the fragmentation between different platforms is making measurement and activation on mobile even harder.

Over the past year, we have hosted amazing speakers at our meetups around the world and on our online live webinars, and wanted to put some of the awesome tips and insights into one resource for mobile professionals — our new Mobile Growth Handbook. This 200+ page resource breaks down growth into four different distinct steps: 1. Acquisition, 2. Activation, 3. Retention and 4. Referral. Each section has a comprehensive overview, actionable steps for growth and tips from well known mobile growth experts.

We hope you find this resource useful and share it with others who might find it helpful as well, by tweeting it or sharing it on LinkedIn!

Also, if you are curious about Branch and how Branch can help you with your growth efforts, we created an infographic that takes you through all the different stages of growth and outlines the different Branch products you can use at each of those stages! Interested? Start by signing up or asking for a demo from one of our awesome growth experts.