Nailing your product launch on Reddit

For all those who don’t know me, Currently, I am leading the Product and Growth for It is a part of Hatcher & I’ve been dedicatedly working towards decoding the growth hack models for startups. Starting with PR and launch platforms, I’ve learned myself a few things so lets get into what I know about Reddit.

After launching, Me and Gaurav were figuring out the ways of getting the the first set of users to validate the product. We launched it on Product Hunt and got massive support from Product Hunt community.

Here is one post, I have written about our PH launch growth hack.

I am a huge believer of community and how it actually helps you to build a brand. Because at the end, a company is about its people and people build the brand.

I tried a few things on Reddit earlier and it didn’t go well. May be we did a few things wrong or tried to replicate same sort of activities that we did on product hunt and failed.

But later when i learned about Reddit by reading, following and decoding consumers psychology, we cracked our launch on reddit as well. Earlier we failed because we didn’t go native, but this time we did research, and backed our actions with case studies that we saw.

If you haven’t got success in your first launch, keep re-launching it till you get attention.
Finally, we are here!!

What I liked most about Reddit is, It is one of the most diverse internet communities there is, and each of the subreddits has its own crowd, flavor, tendencies, and preferences.

Here are few learnings I have learnt this from experiment :

  1. Choose Sub-Reddits wisely:
    Select your sub reddits smartly. Nobody knows the actual way of hacking into reddit. But, you should pick your sub reddits according to your content. We have chosen /r/learn programming because we are helping users in getting the best programming tutorials at one place.
  2. Research & understand your Audience:
    Spend some time with community before launching anything on Reddit. For me Gary Vaynerchuk’s this quote always worked out

Great marketing is all about telling your story in such a way that it compels people to buy what you are selling.

3. Time it well:
People are always confused about the right timing to post on reddit. Here is detailed analysis of it:

A comparison of optimal posting times for Reddit as a whole versus three different major subreddits. Although some subreddits have similar distributions to Reddit as a whole, many do not

4. Reach out to right people :
Seed your content about reddit launch in the right community. For us, We have tried out in the different developer community of google. I have crawled some database from these groups and used this email for getting a lot of traction.

A sample of one email, I have used to get attention :)

I had tried out in the list of 800 people and result were massive.

5. Don’t Spam :
Never spam community with links which are not useful for the community and respect the community available there.

In the last, I will add one important point never to forget. There is no shortcut to get success. You need to hustle hard to win any marathon.

Hustle till you get your shit done.

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