Building Business

The building entrance

Building business; that’s the motto of B. amsterdam where the heart of Mobile Gurus lies. Indeed, building business is exactly what people do inside the office. Although the pitch dark building may not be the most appealing structure you will see in your life, once you’re in, the positive energy will almost knock you over. No cubicles, no sterile work environment, just lots of young people working to make the future brighter. An ideal environment for startups, it is therefore no surprise that Mobile Gurus chose this as its headquarters last November.

One of the Trabants inside the B. building.

With over 60 different companies, you can feel the creativity; maybe because it gives you the vibe of a living room, maybe it is the Trabants or perhaps it is just the passion and enthusiasm of the people who all share the same goal; building a successful business. Even the roof has unique features with an urban garden and a great view over the city. B. amsterdam breaths inspiration.

In the midst of this creative Valhalla, surrounded by other startups and plants, lots of plants, lies the work space of Mobile Gurus. Here, great ideas will flourish and blossom into great mobile products that will make the difference between a successful business and a failed startup. Whatever your idea is, from new social networking apps to new ways of transportation, Mobile Gurus will make that difference.

Originally published at on January 20, 2015.

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