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DAYONE [Deiwon] was started as an independent creative UX and UI lab for Volkswagen HQ in 2012. Ever since, we’ve focused on delivering fast, innovative and brand fitting services for the mobile lifestyle of today’s consumer.

On behalf of our clients, we develop services and solutions around the mobile lifestyle of the new user generation. Always online, the internet in your pocket or on your wrist, always ready to talk, everywhere at home and always up-to-date. The world is in motion and we are a part of that.

We encourage strong and individual personalities, work in small and punchy teams and have flat hierarchies. In order to integrate products perfectly into the mobile and connected life of our society, we rely on online tools and agile processes.

Our client portfolio currently includes Volkswagen, Deutsche Telekom, Gruner+Jahr and Deutsche Bahn.

Part of our daily work as an agency is to develop concepts for the future — and among other things it is Medium that helps us to always stay on the pulse of time. Consequently, we are news-junkies and Christopher will spend a lot of time for us finding enriching articles and for you when he publishes them in our Mobile Lifestyle Publication.

Christopher Leineweber works in User Experience & Brand Development for DAYONE, a digital agency based in Berlin specializing in mobile service design.