Again we rely on technology, but this time as an enabler.

It’s amazing how much we rely on technology for satisfying some of our fundamental needs that do not have anything to do with technology. A few decades back, the need to feel belonged involved participating in life and interacting with fellow humans. The whole idea of social networking was physical interactions in the real world with fellow human beings.

It’s really not fair to blame technology if someone is asked today, what is social networking and get a social media platform name as a response. Technology is a great leveler and a meaningful tool which simplifies the most complex of human interaction biases and situations we deal with. Technology is an enabler, not an escape solution. The moment we start depending on it to do what human beings are conditioned for the past millions of years, specially our social networking skills we turn recluse.

Beau Lotto beautifully explains this phenomenon in his “Understanding Perceptions” story. Being social is fundamental to who we are. Social technology that’s purely virtual can’t totally engage with our perceptions. It needs to enable interactions between people in the real world.

When we started building Tinyty, we wanted to build a platform which was instinctive as a social networking app for real world conversations (more like a social experience app). We had two goals. Build an app that makes it easy to facilitate meetups or to help you strengthen your relationships with people who bring joy to your life.

It does not matter how many friends you invite or how much time you spend on the app. All that matters are the stories you weave with people through real world interactions or the stories you share with people who truly derive the joy in being part of that moment in your life.

But, just how do we build a mobile app that helps you to shut technology (including the app) and get you to meet your circle? We did not want your social score on the internet to determine a bias towards whom to meet based on likes or preferences, we just wanted you to decide whom you wanted to meet and how to facilitate this meetup. Think of Tinyty as your clean slate in social networking, where you invite people who you really like meeting up or to strengthen your relationship with. Where distances don’t measure up against your desire for being with each other.

Still Curious?

Tinyty is an honest attempt to build such an app which is simple, secure and reliable. It’s a social experience app which facilitates meet-ups or helps share your life moments as they happen with people who truly matter. You can join with me directly on Tinyty using this invite link or download the app from the links given below.

Tinyty is available on the iTunes App store for iPhone and on Google Play store for all Android devices.

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