According to Gene Tunney

“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise”

Health plays a vital role in our lives, it is one of the greatest graces of God to us and therefore it should be our foremost responsibility to take charge of it in order to sustain ourselves in a great position.

The best way to stay as fit as a flea requires a systematized, well-regulated activity tracker.Now, the prime question that arises is what is ‘Activity Tracker?’

An Activity Tracker is a device which is used to measure, monitor and track fitness of a person.It actually stores data of ‘how much’ you are performing, making it easy to realize ‘how much’ improvement you require further.

Wearable Technology is a common example of activity tracking devices which can be synced wirelessly to computer devices or can be connected to the social networks.

If you love being in the sea or pool instead of being on the road, then the first question that arises after the launch of any wearable item is if it’s waterproof or not?

There is a fine line existing between waterproof and water-resistance. Many people often get confused or don’t have the right knowledge when they have to decide between waterproof or water resistant.

Water resistant means it can get affected by water at some point, no guarantee present while Water- proof means that it will allow no fluid to pass through it.

The most important term related to water resistance are IP and ATM.

IP: protection and rating system given by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) example IP67, IP68. The first digit represents the capability to prevent dust and the second digit represents the ability to prevent liquid.The increase in number increases the protection of your device as well.

ATM: atmosphere and is concerned about pressure tests explaining how much pressure a device can withstand.1 ATM and 3 ATM are not swim friendly.However, ratings and efficiency can vary depending upon the companies.

Selecting the best activity-tracking device is a complicated task.The most important factors to keep in mind are:

  • Waterproof
  • ATM standards
  • IP waterproof class
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Where to wear
Did you know swimming can give a person lot of benefits that can last long preventing from various diseases like improving asthma problems, reducing joint pain and burning 450 to 950 calories per hour.

Let’s take a look of the best 2016 waterproof activity trackers:


Garmin Vivoctive is one of the best devices lately especially when it comes to waterproofing.It has a 5ATM waterproof rating meaning it is resistible to pressure at a depth of 50 meters.

It has built-in GPS ,long battery life.Apart from swimming purposes, it can be used for other activities like running, cycling, golfing.

It is really comfortable to wear even for a long day and consists of sunlight readable, high-resolution color touch screen.As far as the bands are concerned you can change any color depending upon your own choice.

Furthermore, this device can be connected to other devices and sensors.Even if it gets out of range from a smartphone it will still work, which is quite incredible.

In order to catch the attention of a swimmer, it also provides data for the following : Stroke count, temperature, the number of calories burned, measurement of distance, time, the number of lanes and SWOLF score.


  • Not so fashionable as compared to other tracker devices
  • Available in two colors only


Moov Now is ‘The Tracker’ of 2016.It is a wearable wristband made especially for swimming.However, it can also be used for walking, running, cycling, boxing and much more.It has various helpful features for its users.

It provides metrics on how to improve swimming instead of only acquiring data.

It consists of swimming mode which can be turned on before leaving the changing room and on return will provide feedback on your stroke type, rate, efficiency and distance as well.It also tells the user his/her pool stamina.

Furthermore, it is waterproof and a dust offender.The battery can last up to 6 months.Not to mention, it has 9-axis Omni-motion sensor which analyzes and provides all your motions in 3D.

Specifically for a swimmer it provides the following data: Stroke count, stroke rate, turn time, distance per stroke, rest time, the number of calories burned.


  • Requires support of phone for GPS tracking and coaching , obviously one cannot carry his expensive phone everywhere.


Misfit can be defined as a metal disc yet adequate.It can also be related to a small and strong device, ready to take on anything.It is waterproof up to 5ATM meaning 50m, with no buttons, cables, recharging or even Bluetooth pairing.

It is as simple as it can get.The users are surely going to love it.It can be used for swimming of course and for cycling as well.

Additionally, the ease of wearing it anywhere, literally anywhere, wrist, shoe, ankle, hip wherever you want you just name it and wear it and you are ready to go.In order to interact with the device, you need to tap it to make it recognize the vibration.

You can get insights on your performance, visualize data and customize goals.


  • Unable to count number of strokes.
  • Unable to identify the type of stroke.


Garmin Forerunner is a multisport GPS watch.Garmin’s have always been inclined towards producing best quality devices for swimmers and have succeeded in doing so.

GarminForerunner is designed for both open waters as well as pool swimming.

It is fifteen percent light in weight than the former Forerunner 910XT.

Furthermore, it has amazing features like text messaging, automated syncing setting of two different timers which will alert you on reaching the desired distance or time goal.

It is waterproof up to 5 ATM meaning 50m.Specifically, for a swimmer, it can provide the following data: Stroke rate, distance,SWOLF score of workout, no of calories, speed, stroke type.


  • Expensive
  • Unstable phone connection

5)POLAR V800:

Polar V800 consists of smart coaching and GPS for the athletes.It is one of the best waterproof activity trackers for swimmers.It is waterproof up to 30m.

Apart from tracking swimming performance, it can automatically detect the swimming style.

Moreover, it can provide the following data: Strokes, rest time, distance,pace,integrated GPS, a dual-mode transmitter to measure heart rate under water.


  • Expensive
  • Limited Footpod support
  • The body of the watch is inflexible.


Jaybird is a multisport activity tracker that can automatically analyze the type of sports one is doing.It is a smart looking band which comes in different colors black, white, green lime, keeps a tab on all activities.

It can track swimming for at least ten minutes.It is water resistant.It consists of LEDs instead of a screen.The band can be synced to mobile phones in order to achieve statistics and data.

Activities done throughout the day can also be seen.It does not measure the heart rate instead measures the heart rate variability.

Unfortunately, it does not consist of GPS feature.It has a battery life of five days, automatic sleep tracking and sleep recommendation that guides how much sleep you need for a fresh start.


  • Unable to track heart rate.
  • The absence of calorie –logging system.
  • Difficult to read LED indicator.
  • Average battery life.
  • The absence of GPS feature.


Garmin Swim is the smaller version of Garmin 920XT specially designed for pool training.The data can be uploaded wirelessly for the purpose of analysis and storage.

The battery can last one year.It is water-resistant up to 5 ATM meaning 50 meters.

In addition, it can provide the following data: Stroke count, stroke type, pace,distance.


  • Not more than one customized page.
  • Alert functionality absent.


TOM TOM Multi-Sport GPS is the best multi-sport GPS watch for training in a pool.It can also be used for running and cycling.

However, this watch is best applicable for pool usage.It is waterproof up to 5ATM meaning 50 m.

Furthermore, it can provide the following data: Stroke count, SWOLF score, the amount of calories burned,distance.


  • Two metrics can be showed to display but due to small font hard to read in dim light.
  • Low configuration of what to display
  • More improvement required in GPS

These are some of the best waterproof activity trackers of 2016 in the market.So get ready to get under water for an amazing experience of the smartest devices at modest prices.

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