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Letter sent on Jul 11, 2016

Dear friends,

as of right now our publication has reached the 2,5k follower mark and we have to say: we are incredibly proud! Therefore we would like to address our first letter to you.

Medium’s central idea and slogan is „Everyone’s stories and ideas“ — but is that right, really? Medium is great, but not exactly flawless. We want to play our part in order to improve it.

Visibility on Medium is dominated by already well-known personal brands and everyone that’s moving around aside the home page is confronted with a spam jungle, pure PR and — that’s the problem — very worthwhile articles that get a few clicks by accident at most.

Publications are an answer. Our answer.

Part of our daily work as an agency is to develop concepts for the future — and among other things it is Medium that helps us to always stay on the pulse of time. Consequently, we are news-junkies and Christopher spends a lot of time for us finding enriching articles and for you when he publishes them in our Mobile Lifestyle Publication. But this also works the other way around: you will find articles written by scientists, advertisers, UX and UI designers and nerds next to evangelists like Twitter’s former brand strategist Josh Grau and Google’s former chief of design Dan Makoski. What’s important is the content — because we’re proud of every single article.

We are firmly convinced that a platform like Medium offers the potential of empowerment to help people become authors. But only when articles are seen because appreciation is a basic condition of motivation.

So let us be your stage.

This way you will profit as a reader and as an author. Next to publishing them in our publication, our favorite articles are also featured in our agency newsletter. If you write articles yourself, feel free to submit them to us — we feel honored every time and are you biggest fans anyways!

Christopher Leineweber works in User Experience & Brand Development for DAYONE, a digital agency based in Berlin specializing in mobile service design.