How to use Slack to help you win at work

Because what says “winning” like a taco party GIF?

If you’re not using Slack for your business / your networking group / flirting with Tom Hanks, you’re doing it wrong. Slack is a powerful, flexible business tool that’s made my work-from-home gig a complete breeze since it’s come out. But what really makes Slack better than the competition is its potential to be so much more than a work tool. With countless third-party integrations, it has the potential to grow into something that you couldn’t imagine work being without!

So on that note, let’s dive into the least-productive integration, and my absolute favorite: GIPHY.

TL;DR, Giphy is the best place on the internet. If you can say it with images, you can say it that much better with Giphy. So with Giphy’s Slack integration, you’re able to let your boss know why you haven’t finished that super-important TPS report because you’re having a case of the Mondays with something entertaining!

But if you use Slack on the regular, you’ve probably discovered one or two of the secret commands that make Giphy that much more fun! Remember, Slack empowers people to communicate globally. So let me show you what you can really use it for.

1. Giphy

Cats are evil, but we all knew that.
Type: /giphy cats

Typing the “naked” Giphy command (please don’t search Giphy for that phrase) followed by a keyword will send a random GIF that’s tagged with that word (or a similar word) into your Slack channel. If you don’t have a parental filter enabled, you’d better hope that your co-workers aren’t the judgmental type.

2. Echo

…but seriously.
Type: /giphy #echo Will blog for pizza

This will make a GIF out of the text you’ve added after the Echo command. You’ll see a randomized font with a randomized effect, so your results will be different every time.

3. Enhance

I’ve never wanted to be best friends with a teenager until now.
Type: /giphy #enhance

This is one of my favorite commands for so many reasons. Other than finding a way to make Gaten Matarazzo even more awesome, it will zoom in on human eyes (sorry, dog users of Slack) to create a dramatic effect.

4. Deal With It

I don’t regret this. Not even a little bit.
Type: /giphy #dealwithit

Sometimes we all get a little snarky. Maybe it’s because of how prevalent the internet is in our culture, or maybe we’re all just oversaturated with teen angst, but we have to let it out somewhere. So by appending a link to an image that includes human eyes (sorry again, SlackDogs), you can create your new favorite reddit response meme.

I’ll tell you right now: With both #dealwithit and #enhance, your results may vary.

5. MMS

Spam your friends until you have none left to spam! Sorry, Tim.
Type: /giphy #mms 555–555–5555 sonic

Have you been looking for new ways to ruin friendships? Then you’ve come to the right place! By inputting your friend’s phone number followed by a keyword, Giphy will text message a GIF to their phone! Unsolicited! With no indication of who initiated it.

I have a feeling I’m going to regret teaching the internet about this one.

6. Mashup

Nature is cool, but the internet is a place of pure beauty.
Type: /giphy #mashup taco party

When Giphy just isn’t cutting it, it’s time to create a mashup! Simply type #mashup followed by two of your favorite keywords, then bask in the glory of what Giphy has created for you.

7. Magic 8 Ball

“Will anybody read this blog?”
Type: /giphy #magic8ball Will anybody read this blog?

Yes, we all remember the toy that ruined the self-esteem of countless generations of kids. So let’s revisit that dark place via Giphy! Ask Giphy questions like if your crush likes you, if your mom bought you a new Razor scooter, or if you’re going to get fired by wasting your time on Slack.

8. Weather

A typical summer in Manhattan.

Type: /giphy #weather 10012

This is albeit a pretty useless feature, but sometimes those are the best ones! Typing your favorite zipcode (okay, we get it — 90210 is a famous one) after the #weather command will pull the city name and current temperature, along with a random GIF based on the current forecast (is that an oxymoron?).

9. Text

I can neither confirm nor deny this statement. And don’t ask my wife. That’s just weird.

Type: /giphy #text howdy!

Do your kisses taste like tacos? Say it with a GIF! This is slightly different from the #echo command, as it won’t take what you wrote and turn it into a GIF. Instead, this will search for text-based images based on the keyword you typed!

10. Caption

I agree, Zac. I agree… 🍕

Type: /giphy #caption “Need… More… Pizza…” sad

This can be a fun way to make a quick meme… or get a quick laugh. Simply add your proposed text between two quotation marks, then add the keyword for Giphy at the end, and presto! You’ll have an instant meme of Zac Efron… or something like that.

(Thanks for inspiring this one, Tim!)

So there you have it! That’s 10 whole ways to make Slack that much more entertaining using the Giphy integration. Did I miss any? I’d love it if you’d let me know in the comments!

Also, if you use Slack, I’d love to see your results for some of these. Feel free to share them with me on Twitter!

Dan Schenker is a photographer, a social media adventurer, and enjoys using GIFs a little more than he probably should. He lives in New Jersey with his wife Caity Schenker and their dog, Pepper Potts.

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