I’m too old for tech and that’s okay


Forgive me, I’m old.

Yes, I am two months from 27 which is actually a very ripe age

But I realized something today

I think I’ve known it all along

Anyhow, I digress

I feel old

Maybe old fashioned

Maybe old school

Hell, I’m just old

When I first joined medium,

It was fun

Exciting like a new romance

I held hands with my carefully chosen tags and played coy with italics like I am now

Most of all, I pretended I understood what start ups did;

What they stood for and advertised

I saw acronyms I’ve never heard before

I googled things I didn’t think existed

The truth is I don’t get tech jargon

And I don’t know if these people have real jobs

What is a product developer/social media wizard for IOU and FX brands? (yes I just made those up)

But I’m quite sincere about my ignorance

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fascinated by science, mainly neuroscience which most of you engineers do not even consider real science


I listen to debates about AI bi-weekly

But again, I'm just old

On the most basic level, the economic world is comprised of buyers and sellers, and I just want to know

What the hell are you selling?

Is it ideas? Like Einstein and Kant?

Maybe Elon Musk. I like that dude but that’s because he can do anything including building spaceships and shit

I don’t know. I’m just old;

Decompressing with all the other old farts that refuse to update their phones whenever there is a new iOS update available which is every other week

I don’t want to update anything

I don’t want a robot to pay my bills

I think I want to own a lemonade stand that only accepts cash

Screw it; I’ll only take coins…dimes to be exact
Then millienials can say “wow, she’s totally old school..like she doesn’t even have a square register”

They can snapchat it then post it on Instagram

Wait, my little sister just clarified that isn’t how Instagram works

Lemonade anyone?

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