I too have jumped ship from Windows Phone

…and I am not the only one

I recently read an article from the one and only Mary Jo Foley about her journey of moving away from Windows Phone as her daily driver to Android. It got me thinking.

She has a very good viewpoint as to why she has moved on from Windows Phone, at least for now. Actually it is pretty much the same points that drove me to move on from Windows Phone as my daily driver. Although it took her a little longer to move on that it did me.

For me, it has been almost a year since I have put my Windows Phone in a drawer and switched to iPhone as my daily driver. Why iPhone you say? I also get asked a lot, and I mean a lot, about why I profess to be a Microsoft Fanboy but walk around with an iPhone. I’ll get to those answers in a bit.

So why did I move on?

Many Microsoft employees no longer use Windows Phones (and not just in the name of “research”). If few Softies believe in the platform, why should the rest of us?

One really has to agree with the quote above.

  1. If you watch keynotes, etc. you will see more and more Microsoft employee s using phones that are not Windows Phones. One has to stop and think, if Microsoft themselves are not even using Windows Phones as their daily drivers, why should the masses. Really, what kind of view does that put in peoples minds? If you’re curious, that is not the sole reason for me moving on.
  2. There is also the app-gap. We are hearing reports of more and more companies choosing to either not make their apps available for Windows 10 or say it’s not a priority currently. Even with Microsoft strategies for developers to convert their iOS/Android apps to UWP apps, we are still dangling on the hopes that developers actually do that. We have yet to see a lot of traction. Then if there is an app, updates never happen. It is like the UWP app is the ugly, red-headed step-child.
  3. Microsoft’s own apps are better on other platforms. You’re laughing but it is true. Apps like Outlook Mobile, Office, OneDrive, etc. are all top notch on iOS and Android. The only thing that Windows Phone has is the seamless integration but Microsoft is getting closer on the other platforms. I have my Microsoft account synced and working seamlessly on my iPhone. Contacts, Email, Calendars, Notes, etc are all synced back and forth between my iPhone, Lenovo laptop, and my Surface 3. Even the Cortana app is wonderful on iOS.

Why did I choose iPhone?

There were many reasons that led me to choose Apple over Android. I have tried all of the smartphone OSes. They each have their pros and cons. For me though, I just am not a fan of Android as a whole. It was too buggy and my experience with it was less than stellar. iPhone has been a proven smartphone OS for quite awhile now and it is very popular. You expect everything to work and it does just that. There is no need to fiddle with stuff and try to figure out what needs to be done just to get it to work. Of course there are those one off instances but for the most part it just works.

I am still and will always be a Microsoft Fanboy

Although I am using an iPhone as my daily driver, my interests in all aspects of Microsoft, be it hardware, services, and software, remains firm. This goes for any platform they are on.

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