Introduction to User Friendly

Have you ever visited a well designed website or downloaded an application with a beautiful interface on mobile device, but as soon as you start to use it you got confused?

What have you done?

You have probably left the website, or deleted an application, and found another one that can accomplish the same task in more simple way.

As soon as the users get confused with the design, they are leaving it and finding an alternative solution. In this article I am going to show you how to build user friendly website that’s not going to confuse the users and how to provide them with the right information that they are looking for.

A User Friendly website is a website that is easy to control, easy to navigate and most importantly, it is accessible to everyone. There are four key elements for building a user friendly website:

  • Simplicity
  • Memorability
  • Efficiency
  • Satisfaction

Ask yourself, If the users enter the website for the first time are they going to understand the structure of the page? Is it easy to navigate with it? Are information easy to find?

Complex design often makes the users to leave. If the navigation is not obvious or too complicated, the users will not know where they are on the website and where they should search for information. It is important for the website to be predictable. The users have to know where each click is going to take them.

The good interface is not the interface that’s beautiful and eye catchy. The good interface is the one that can be used without instructions. The function is always above the form. Good design has a purpose and is always built for users. Each page of the website has to be clear and show what it is about.

“Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works.” — Steve Jobs

Since the users are expecting information immediately, it is important to save their time and provide them with useful information on the right place. If the process is fast, they will be more satisfied and there is a better chance that they will come back next time when they need a service.

Every first visit by the user presents the new experience. For a better experience it is important to make the website consistent. Consistent means familiar and it saves time. Consistency provides comfort and with it users have a feeling of control, what directly improves the experience.


User friendly website allows the users to logically find information without complications.

How much is a website pleasant to use? Are the users satisfied?

A website has to be accessible and easy to use. Every page has to be simple, standard and consistent. It is crucial to look a website from the user’s perspective and find out their needs and expectations, than use them for building a better product.

Every website should be designed for them.

My name is Aleksandar Pleško and this is my first article. I am a web, UI & UX designer from Serbia. You can check my work on the website

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