Time for a Facebook page makeover!

Having a Facebook page is becoming more important than having your own website, in part because Facebook is working hard to outdo Google in the business sector. We’re introducing you to the newest tools and features that you can take advantage of in order to make your business stand out from the crowd!

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The Chatbot
Messaging has the potential to solve non-complex user cases without the hassle of developing another app — something that we wrote about a while ago. Just recently, Facebook made it possible for its business page users to integrate a chatbot, which automatically responds to messages. What may sound frightening at first is actually not complicated — many providers advertise their services for small prices and some even for free. You can find a list of all providers here. In fact, we ourselves are proud parents to a chatbot; his name is Frank and you can try him out here.

Our recommendation:
Are you tired of answering the same questions over and over again? Maybe you’ve got some money for a developer or you want to try it out on your own? If your answer is „Yes“ you should definitely consider a chatbot. But maybe you’re not sure — keep it in the back of your mind. The chatbot will only become less complicated and more worthwhile for your business.

Just recently, Facebook started to rate business page owners on how fast they respond to messages. Depending on your performance, you could receive a green badge under your profile picture — meaning you’re very responsive to your messages. If you tend to ignore your customers or take ages to respond, you won’t receive the increasingly crucial “green badge”.

Our recommendation:
Stay on it! Don’t let your page slip. When users see that you’re “very responsive”, it’s a strong indicator that both your page and your business are active. If it’s not already then this should definitely be on your to-do list, especially because it doesn’t take much effort!

Auto-Response and Out-of-office messages
So you’d like to a message automatically sent to anyone who contacts you? Well, it’s possible — and it makes sense for a lot of reasons: too many incoming messages, you’re offline in The Maldives… Facebook sets these two circumstances apart and offers two customizable answering options.

Our recommendation:
Those who aren’t yet ready to try the chatbot should definitely try the auto response and out-of-office messages. But it’s important to note that your auto responses won’t count towards that coveted “very responsive” badge.

Messenger-link and Code
Business page owners can now directly link to their Facebook chat. The link is m.me/username. Similar to Snapchat, you can also use a scannable code to link to your chat.

Our recommendation:
If you’re looking for a more one-on-one contact with your target group or want to promote your chatbot, this makes a lot of sense.


Notes and Instant Articles
Facebook wants to be a place where longer articles are in good hands. There are two options for that: if you’re producing longer articles and like to upgrade them with pictures matching the Facebook layout, Facebook Notes is probably the right thing for you. You can check some of our examples out here. If you are publishing your articles on platforms like Wordpress, you can now use Facebook’s Instant Articles. Once configured, Facebook loads the article within the app with almost no lag time.

Our recommendation:
You can’t do anything wrong with Notes if you have to say more than a few sentences. It’s a bit more complicated with Instant Articles: One the one hand, users don’t have to wait too long but on the other hand, they are not redirected to your website.

Video, Video, Video
Facebook seems to like videos, but why wouldn’t they, right? Post reach increases when you include video content. As the link to YouTube is long gone, Facebook has become their own video platform. Next to classic video postings, they have integrated live videos, 360-degree films and video comments. We are still trying everything out.

Our recommendation:
Whenever possible, communicate with videos. 360-degree videos (and photos!) require just small investments (e.g. Ricoh Theta S). And at events, extend your audience reach even further by broadcasting all of your happenings through Facebook’s live videos.

Multi-Channel and Cross-Promotion

Call to Action-Button
Right next to your profile picture is a potentially important button that serves a purpose upon which you decide. It can redirect to your website, an online show, or a registration for your newsletter. You can also prompt a video to play or keep it simple and place your contact information. There are many possibilities and probably every Facebook page will have a use case for a call to action button.

Our recommendation:
Don’t miss the chance to freely configure this prominent button. Use your imagination and put it to good use!

Newsletter Registration

In the past few years, Facebook has strongly worked on their reach which has led to a functional business model. However, this also means that not all of your followers are seeing what you have to say, at least if you don’t pay for it. A good way to make sure that all your fans and followers can read about what you have to say is through a newsletter — and Facebook lets you integrate that into your profile and advertisements perfectly. Lead-ads and an integrated register form (e.g. Mailchimp) are just some examples. If you are not sure how that looks like, take a look at our page.

Our recommendation:
If you are looking to win over new subscribers for your newsletter don’t just rely on the integrated register form. But if you have a regular newsletter anyhow, don’t miss the chance to win new subscribers. If you are willing to put some money on the table, go for advertisements that integrate the registration form and choose the target group that’s right for you.

Snapchat is supposed to be the new future of social media. You have probably observed it yourself: more and more business pages (and Twitter accounts!) have changed their profile picture and integrated their personal Snapchat code. Technically, Snapchat doesn’t offer many possibilities to win followers, and this seems to be the most promising way to go.

Our recommendation:
If you are active on Snapchat or want to be in the future, this is a measure you have to take! If not, then move on and disregard!


Big brands and celebrities receive a blue verification badge — for us smaller players and normal folk, there’s the grey verification badge. You can request them in your settings and after a short phone confirmation, everyone can see it behind your name. This is not just handy for yourself — many new features are only available for verified pages. Plus, users can be sure that this is your official page and you might be ranked higher in the Facebook search.

Our recommendation:
No excuses. Do it and avoid the posers!

Just recently, appointed page categories are able to list their services at the top of their timeline. You can find this feature in your settings, but only under certain circumstances that aren’t entirely repeatable. Generally, it’s only possible for the consulting sector and you shouldn’t change your business on Facebook just for that. Using Google Chrome may also come in handy. We’ve listed our services and you can check them out here.

Our recommendation:
If you’re asked by Facebook to list your services, do it! If you don’t have access to this feature, be patient and don’t change your line of business — it could affect your visibility on Facebook.

Page ratings are on the same level as ratings concerning your customers satisfaction with your organization. Therefore, they’re useful for users and should be carefully looked after.

Our recommendation:
Encourage happy customers to rate you on Facebook to push your rating score. Unhappy customers tend to rate more often than happy customers.

Jakob Fuchs works in Research & Development for DAYONE, a digital agency based in Berlin specializing in mobile service design.

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