What should be in watchOS3!

I have been observing the user experience of AppleWatch for 2 months after I bought it. WatchOS2 is a big innovation compared to the first version. However; in my opinion, there are a lot of missing features on watchOS2. In this article, I will point out the necessary features that should be in watchOS3, based on my experiences.

1. Gestures

The most important need for AppleWatch users is to be able to control it with gestures. When my one hand (the one without AppleWatch) is full and I receive a notification, I feel helpless. Let alone answering, I even cannot close it!

In this new gestures feature, I would close the notification with rotating the wrist twice in the same axis.

Rotate the wrist twice to close the notification.

In another situation, when I hold a cup of tea and my father calls me, I have to use my nose to answer it because only my nose is available. However; with the help of this gestures feature, I would answer the calls only by bouncing AppleWatch up and down twice. Or just shake it to ignore the phone call.

If you didn’t like this feature, you would close it from settings. If you liked just a part of them, you would again choose them from settings.

2. Sleep Mode

If you have once slept with your AppleWatch, you have already realized a need for Sleep Mode which would be different from Nightstand mode. In Nightstand Mode (which comes in watchOS2), AppleWatch connects to the power cable and stays away from you with a nice green face. However, AppleWatch would be on your wrist in Sleep Mode.

In Sleep Mode, AppleWatch would have a different face which would not disturb the user in a dark room. It is different from Nightstand mode but close enough to the Power Reserve mode.

Sleep Mode would also record the sleeping data when you are sleeping.

Rather than just making the light darker, Sleep Mode would have a few different features too. For example, with your pulse and movement information, AppleWatch would record the sleeping data for you and save it in the Health App.

3. Smart Alarm

There are already a number of iPhone applications for this mission but do you believe that it is really consistent and makes its job good? Actually, I don’t believe it because how much data can an iPhone take on your bed? Smart Alarm would be developed just for that!

When your AppleWatch is in Sleep Mode, you would use Smart Alarm to sleep better and wake up well. Choose a time period like 7:00-7:30 AM and sleep! When this time range came, AppleWatch would check your sleeping data for you and wake you up in a really good moment.

4. Voice Memos

iPhone has got a feature called voice memos for a long time. However, AppleWatch has not! I think that making a recording voice app would not be so hard for Apple. My biggest and the most basic expectation from watchOS3 is an app for recording voices!

Of course, along with good details such as a complication or a new special watch-face with recording voice button.

5. New Hour and Minute Hand

AppleWatch has a lot of watch face options but why doesn’t it have any hour and minute hand option? After watchOS3, we would choose different hand types with different watch faces. It means, much more different options!

6. Paste Button

We don’t have a keyboard for AppleWatch and it is logical but why don’t we have a copy and paste button? If someone sends you a message and you want to forward it to someone, you cannot do it with your AppleWatch! This problem would also be over after the release of watchOS3.

When you use force touch feature on a text, copy and paste choices would be shown! If you copied a text from your phone, you would also use it in your AppleWatch. Vice-versa, if you copied a text from your AppleWatch, you would paste it in your iPhone.

The new way to Copy and Paste!

The best part of this feature would be that everything is combined in one button. If you think about how to separate the copy and paste functions, I can say that it would be a gift from force touch. When you touch the button, you would copy the text but if you touched more strongly, then this button would be function as a paste button! Amazing, right?


These expectations from watchOS3 are just my imagination! You cannot find them in any other websites. If you want to listen to more of them, just write to me!

If an Apple Genius read this article or just think just like me, we can obtain these features in the next version of watchOS. Otherwise, I will continue to say “I wish…”