Future of Live Video? Everyone Is Full Of Crap!

With so much news around Meerkat pivoting their business, Facebook Live rolling out its live video to business pages and all English speaking countries for personal streaming, I thought it was the perfect time to share my thoughts on the future of live video. I also decided to share my thoughts on why I think anyone who tells you what tools or tech will exist in the future are FULL OF CRAP!!

Other things I cover on this live stream:

  • What I’ve learned a year since using Meerkat Live Streaming App at SXSW!
  • Lessons we can all learn from the Meerekat Community
  • Role of Meerkat on the future of Periscope and why I love Periscope Community
  • 5 things everyone must do in every live stream!
  • How Periscope & Facebook Live differ but complement and compete with each other!

Watch the FB live broadcast here:

Watch the Katch Replay of my Periscope Broadcast here:

Want to understand more about live video and see more of my resources including the tools & gear that I’m using for this dual broadcast visit: www.ThinkLikeAFan.Video

Thanks Brian Fanzo….. Comment below and let me know what you think the future of live video is….. but not till you watch 1 of the live videos above!

First posted on my website here: http://isocialfanz.com/future-live-video-everyone-full-crap/