Testing New Live Streaming App @MeVeeApp at #CES2016

I’m here at CES this week and I wasn’t on the ground in Vegas more than 15 minutes before I found a new app that was just released yesterday called MeVee that will be a player in the Meerkat, Periscope, Facebook Live, Firetalk, MyEye, YouNow, mobile social live streaming video apps.

I did a live periscope while showing off the features of MeVee… That brought 500+ new viewers to the live stream on top of the 400+ that watched me on the new platform which was much higher than I anticipated!


  • A nice feature of MeVee is you can embed the stream on your own media which is allowing me to post it below.
  • Comment from web! Over 180 of my viewers of the live periscope were on web and couldn’t engage or comment!
  • Quality picture with comments not filling the screen or disappearing too fast!

You can also click this link for the next 24 hours to watch the Periscope version!

What are your thoughts…. Listen and find out why the CEO already turned me into an advocate!!

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