A story about me, the mobile me

The story I am about to tell isn’t about me. Well it is, but it’s about my Social Media-self. So I will begin from many years ago.

My existence in Social Media started 8 years ago. The first internet profile I created was in Windows live Messenger, which was about chatting with friends and strangers. The next years I created profiles in other Social Media as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Two years later, I decided to open a Facebook account, and then my Social Media life began. The Facebook world is a magical place, full of opportunities and possibilities. At first, I posted, now and then, songs, photos or new status and often chatted with friends. As the years past I started to avoid posting statements or songs and changed my perception. My Social Media purpose now is capturing moments along with chatting. For example, I want to remember every part of a trip abroad or my summer vacations, so I always upload photos from there and check in to the places I've been.

I want to share my moments only with my friends on Facebook, so I use privacy filters. This way, whatever I upload can only be seen by my friends.

In my free time I use Facebook to entertain myself. I like to scroll down the Newsfeed, seeing what’s new and pressing the “like” button on my friends’ content. I, also, love to get inspired by seeing photos of animals, food or sweets and clothes and shoes that appear on my Newsfeed.

Two years ago, my Social media-self expanded on Instagram. There, I found a new world where only pictures had a place in it. At first I started posting many different photos in there without a purpose. Along the way I decided that I wanted to upload things that make me happy, a delicious food, a tasteful ice cream, a perfect view and sweet presents. I use hashtags to describe what the photo displays and my feelings about it. My account is open only to my friends in order to protect my content.

Later, when I became a student in Panteion Univerity’s Ad and Pr labs I found the need to enter in another kind of Social Media, the more professional ones. So I opened an account on Twitter in order to tweet about our sections and to follow interesting and inspiring people. Two weeks ago I decided to become a member of LinkedIn with the purpose of creating my on-line Biography and connecting with remarkable persons who work on Marketing and Advertising fields.

In every social media I have a different attitude. My Facebook and Instagram profiles are unprofessional and more personal, while my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are more professional. All in all, this is my Social Media life.

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