“I am playing Video Games.”

Sometimes, the world, and everything in it, has to wait !

This is the story of a gamer, details about his gaming life, his mobile-actions and his social media self, based on an interview as a part of our project for our class “Mobile Reputation Collaborative Consumption in Sharing Economy” in Panteion University.

Gerasimos, our gamer, was eager for helping us out with this interview. He is a happy-go-lucky guy, a morning person, always positive and active through the day. He is 23 years old and he has graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science. Now, he is working as a personal trainer in gyms in Athens and Chalkida and sometimes he takes on several group gym programs, if he is asked to. In his free time he plays Online Games or he is busy exercising. He loves gymnastics as a free time activity and the fact that he can do it professionally too.

When it comes to gaming, Gerasimos devotes 4 or 5 hours daily to it. He usually plays at night, after he is done working, because he finds it a way to relax after a full and intense day. His favorite game to play now is Line Age 2. He doesn’t mind playing with his friends, but sometimes he prefers doing it alone, as he needs to be focused without being distracted by talking to them. He also prefers online gaming over LAN, because that way he gets the chance to socialize with more people. For him gaming has proven to be a way to communicate with people, as he has met a lot of people online and he is still in touch with them. Right now, gaming has a secondary role in his life - work goes first, but he spends a lot of time playing.

Gerasimos • a social media user : He uses Facebook, YouTube and Skype the most. These three help him a lot. In YouTube he watches streams for gaming, that help him learn more about his game and improve his skills and he has his own channel as well, for his work. With Skype he communicates with others while playing in order to complete some in-game achievements, and in Facebook he likes some pages with gaming content or follows famous gamers. Also, in Facebook he has a professional page for people to find him as a personal trainer. He posts about exercises and photos showing bodies before and after gym to inspire people. He mostly uploads videos. He is using Instagram too, to post photos with gym tips.

Social Media became a part of his life years ago. It was around 2009 that he created his first Facebook profile, his personal one. His Instagram account though is recent, he uses it the last 3 months. Now, he spends a lot of time daily on social media, usually mid-day when he takes a break from work and even more time on weekends to find the videos he wants to upload.

Gerasimos uses Facebook the most, as he has a personal and a professional profile. The personal is for chatting with his friends. He posts some photos too, but not that much. The professional is for posting work and gym-related stuff so people can find him and hire him as their personal trainer. His Instagram profile, on the other side, is only for professional use. Besides the professional Facebook and Instagram accounts, he has also created a YouTube channel where he uploads videos, in which he shows and explains some gym exercises.

More about his FB : Even though he uses Facebook to communicate with others, he made it clear that he prefers face to face communication by far. His home page is filled with photos of his friends and gaming stuff, life tips, and posts with gym-related content from the pages he follows. Gerasimos believes that others can get a good idea of his gaming and work habits if they just check both his personal and professional profile, but for someone to get to know his personality better it is essential to meet him in person. He clearly doesn’t care whether others like the stuff he uploads or not.

Gerasimos strongly supports that social media can offer you a lot of opportunities, as he has gotten a lot of job offers through his professional Facebook profile.

His professional pages are not private of course, but his personal Facebook profile is only for his friends to see. All his friends in that profile are people he knows. If he doesn’t know someone he doesn’t add him to his friend list. Also, there are no family members in that list, but that is only because his family members don’t use Facebook. He also doesn’t think of all his social media friends as friends in real life. He has made a lot of friends through gaming though, which brought them together, and he is now very close with them.

He stated that his behavior as a social media user is not affected by gaming, because games are his get-away activity. He plays to relax and have fun in his own free time. Despite that, his behavior as a gamer is affected by social media, because through social media he learns a lot about gaming.
But surprisingly, Gerasimos has been a Gamer longer than a social media user. He has been playing since 2007 and he has never stopped. He finds it quite addictive.

Now, when it comes to the collaborative activities in gaming, Gerasimos believes that these include the collaboration between players to achieve some goals while playing. Skype helps them a lot with that. He thinks that collaborative activities are important because they help gamers to bond with their teammates.

And finally, a sneak peek to his smartphone! The applications Gerasimos has downloaded in his smartphone are Facebook, Skype and Instagram. He admits that his smartphone is a great help, as it gives him the opportunity to use social media anytime he feels the need to use them. His daily social media routine includes some business calls, checking his social media apps and posting some stuff. He added that he rarely uses his mobile to check game-related stuff, but if he does, it will be for watching streams. Sometimes his smartphone could even help him collaborate with his team too. For example if they need to ask him something they can always Skype-call him, even when he is not at home. Gerasimos feels close to his phone, but he thinks he needs to start using it less. He always has it with him wherever he goes but he could spend 2 hours without using it. Even though he uses his mobile phone a lot and everyday he is not addicted to it. He doesn’t have trouble spending time without his phone nearby.

And that was all about his life as an everyday-gamer and social media user !

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