Me and Facebook??? Well…it’s complicated!

I wake up…I log in at Facebook!

Okey we all know it’s a lie, so I wake up, firstly I have breakfast but then definitely check my Facebook account. I scroll down my home page…I see a photograph from a marriage…a gif of a dog sleeping with a duck…a depressive long post about how much she misses you -Man, if I were you I would definitely called her after what she wrote- , an other photo of some girls hugging in Mykonos -wait a minute before a week they had blocked each other…well who cares- some pictures of the morning sky in Crete -how I wish I was there- and then the “real” information of the day, a post at the page of my faculty concerning the program of the courses at University…

Wait a minute, a notification is just appeared…I click on it…NO no no!!! I told you do not upload this picture, I call my bestie and we fight for a silly picture on Facebook.

And I think to myself “Why I just don’t deactivate my account?

After this intro you would say that I am against Facebook. Of course I am not. It would be very difficult to me to delete my account. To be honest I believe that my profile will follow me through the years until I will be a cute, chubby grandma, who will probably upload cupcakes’ pictures. Also, I could say that as the majority of people today I am a little bit addicted to it. Yes I check my profile every now and then, either from my phone or my pc. When the internet connection is lost, I lie down at the corner of my room, trying not to cry and then I just cry…A LOT!

The truth is that I don’t know why this is happening because if you ask me what I find interesting about it, be sure that the answer it wouldn’t be to stalk what others doing daily with their life. I feel it more like a little devil whispers in my ear

“Come on Nadia…I know you want to log in…it’s the truth and you also know it…don’t try to fight against your destiny… you have to scroll down”

And yes, I do scroll down for no reason.

Maybe the cause is that I am a more traditional kind of person who has to be adapted to the new technological circumstances.

I love reading books in my spare time, I actually prefer reading something this way than through my computer. I like playing with my guitar or trying to catch my cat. I am a daydreamer, spending a lot of time lost in my thoughts. I adore opening my photo albums (on my pc of course! I am not that traditional) and feel like i live again all this memories that I am keeping as a secret. I am not into uploading everything that I do. I really want my privacy. And not because I am afraid to be judged, it’s more my belief that it’s essential to keep some moments, ideas or memories for yourself and the people you share them with. However, when I upload something at my profile –because what ever I say, I do so- is usually music or photos taken by me or different kind of quotes. The reason is that sometimes I think that somebody would read my post or listen my music while seeing a beautiful picture and actually feels pretty nice.

What is more, whatever I am doing I do steal a little time to check my Facebook account because, even if I like it or not, is a useful and important tool for my courses at University. My labs’ pages are like a source of knowledge for me. Let’s face it, I want to work at the domain of communication, social medias are a must- have! And I do find it very interesting how someone can take advantage of them for professional reasons or how the market rely on them to move forward. For example, at twitter, which is the second social media account which I own, I prefer using it as a formal profile, where I search for people who through their posts can offer me a kind of education and from my side I am keen on creating marketing content and share it, so as to benefit with my turn those who will read it.

But i still prefer Facebook…

Social medias -for me- are the tools of tomorrow jobs! You have to use them! How you will do it, depends on you and only. For me, our relationship will be a battle between the professional benefits I gain from them and my effort not to upload this great picture I took down of the Eiffel Tower eating ice-cream…


It will be my next profile picture…

Also check my video bellow ;)

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