Mobile Me and You Project (Photo Editing Apps) Interviews Part 16|Mobile Reputations Course| AD&PR Lab

In the context of “New Consuming Trends” a course of Panteion University, taught by Mrs Betty Tsakarestou, our team (Shooters) participated in a research project called Mobile Me and You, following the Mobile Collaborative Consumption and Sharing Economy trends.The subject of the project concerns the relationship of Millennials with their mobile phones and their impact on the society and on the market. We decided to focus our research on Photo Editing Apps Applications.

With regard to the interviews we were called upon to implement in order to prepare the work, we have achieved quite interesting results. In particular, the interviews followed a specific pattern of a questionnaire, specifically selected by the team members. The first part of the questionnaire had some general questions about the hours the mobsters use, how often in the day, whether they feel directly connected with it and how much they think influencer marketing is an important element in today’s era .

Thats the complete questionnaire that we used :

1.Describe your day with your mobile. How many hours during the
day (or night) do you estimate you use your phone? Some
smartphones now offer us this data (screen time). Have you been
surprised when your read your actual screen time? Have you tried to
eliminate your screen time, after you started getting such accurate
data about your mobile screen consumption?
2. How do you feel if for any reason we took the mobile phone away from you?
3. Do you use any complementary gadgets?
4. Do you favor your mobile over other devices?
5. Do you like to share stuff with others digitally via your mobile apps?
6. Do you use your mobile when you are with friends? Teams? In a
specific Community? For fun? For work? How that makes you feel?
7. Is your phone making you feel connected or disconnected?
8. Have you used sharing apps/ platforms/ services such as airbnb/
bike sharing/ car sharing etc.. How do you think or feel about such
interactions where you have to trust strangers?
9. Do you follow any influencers? If yes, in what platform (eg.instagram etc) Do you follow them on your mobile apps mainly? Can
you show me your favorite influencers profiles on your mobile? What
are your thoughts on influencers?
10. Do you feel like you share the same habits with your friends
regarding the usage of your phone?

About editing apps

  • Which do you believe is the most important app?
  • Do you know many editing apps? Is it necessary to pay for them or they are
    free to use?
  • Are you using editing apps daily?
  • Do you trust your mobile phone camera or you need to use edit apps inorder to post a photo in social media?
  • Do you know any photo edit communities?
  • How important are the editing apps for you?
  • Do you believe that the quality of the photos would have been the samewithout editing?
  • Do you use more than one editing app in your mobile phone?
  • Do you believe that an editing app is easy to use if you are not a

More analytically, interviewed Anna Poulimenou, 22, a law student, says she uses her mobile phone for about 3 hours a day, which she does not hope for or wants to change this habit. She thinks her mobile phone plays an important role in her everyday life and would be negatively affected if she had to live without it. However, she tries to avoid using it when she is with her friends, while she admits to using it primarily for communication, information and even fun. She is absolutely connected to her mobile phone, and she believes influencing marketing is a very powerful and useful tool. Moving to the questions directly related to our research, in editing apps, the question asks the most popular editing app as the app insta size, and she admitted that she was covered by the application and did not have to look for another. She thinks cell phones are pretty good nowadays, so she trusts the quality of her cell phone’s camera. Asked whether an editing community responded that she did not have any thoughts about it, but people who follows on Instagram, who give useful tips on editing. It also supports the fact that the photographs would not be the same without the existence of editing apps, as it allows it to process a photo from different perspectives, which is particularly distinct and pleasant. Finally, regarding the question of whether an editing app is easy to use if you’re not a professional, she says that everyone can use an editing app, though it requires time and patient to learn how to get the most out of it.

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Team: Shooters

petrosmix, Konstantinos Dragatsis, Agis Lamprakis, Iakobos Vlachos

Professor : Betty Tsakarestou

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