Mobile Me and You Project (Photo Editing Apps) Mobile Me & You Part 7|Mobile Reputations Course| AD&PR Lab

In the context of “New Consuming Trends” a course of Panteion University, taught by Mrs Betty Tsakarestou, our team (Shooters) participated in a research project called Mobile Me and You, following the Mobile Collaborative Consumption and Sharing Economy trends.The subject of the project concerns the relationship of Millennials with their mobile phones and their impact on the society and on the market. We decided to focus our research on Photo Editing Apps Applications.

Then we focused on mobile me and you, we had to find people we are socializing and people who are abroad at their own age and to show us their daily routine through their mobile phone. The person I was involved with and presented to me through her cell phone is Anna Poulimenou, 22, and a law student. More specifically, because her time is quite limited, I asked her to record a day on the mobile phone, which was much more effective and time consuming. So, through Anna’s tour of her cell phone, I noticed that her first move when she wakes up is the scroll in the news feed of instagram, where she spends much time,as she said. Then, make a quick pass from facebook, where she looks for any alerts, ignoring the application’s news feed, while the next stop is the inbox to her email. I was impressed by the fact that she opens safari to see any news of interest, such as, at this point told me that this is the most convenient way for her to be aware of a similar application of the mobile. She then responds to her friend’s messages on Messenger application, where she admitted that she spends most of her time in an ordinary day. Finally, at night, she takes a look at the application of the weather so she knows how she should dress the next day, which is quite important for her as she eliminates the stress of preparation. So, observing the daily routine of a close person, I find that we do not differ at all in the applications we have chosen in terms of communication and in general the social media we use. However, what I was most impressed with is the use of Instagram, as according to her, Messenger is unnecessary now, that the Instagram platform these days covers chatting, which seems to be quite convenient and easy to use.

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Team : Shooters

petrosmix, Konstantinos Dragatsis, Agis Lamprakis, Iakobos Vlachos

Proffesor : Betty Tsakarestou