In my last year on the university, I was asked to write an article about my use of social media within the course of “Mobile Reputations Collaborative Consumption”.

Let’s take a look on my social media accounts.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is to sneak a peek at Facebook. Watch the news and what updates I had from the previous day, and then, do a little scroll down at my homepage, seeing at what my friends and colleagues have uploaded. I have my Facebook since 2009, but in the last year I’ve started to use it more professionally, not always but I try. I have changed many names since then. After that, I usually play some games that I have on my mobile, but it isn’t my point now.

After Facebook, I use YouTube, searching for new advertisements and new trends. However, I like to watch dance videos — learning choreographies actually — and listen to music. I’m watching some series, as well. Neither I have some particular knowledge about that, nor I have any channel or have done subscription to anyone, but I’m watching lots of youtubers weekly.

To continue, Instagram conquer the third place, and Snapchat is next to it. On Instagram, I usually share photographs with my dog and follow groups of animal welfare, music, dance, fashion, advertising agencies and many more like them. On Snapchat, I communicate with my friends through funny photographs — you know, that one particularly with the dog-face — and then, watch their daily stories. I use both of them, for a year now, and I must admit that I love them.

Furthermore, I check my WhatsApp and talk with friends and professors from all around the world, but with some of my friends here, too. Next to the list is Twitter. Nowadays, I use it oftenly, in order to tweet something about new trends or what we are doing in our labs of advertising and public relations (#ADandPRLab). I love doing retweets and sneaking out for news. I didn’t know its purpose before my third year in university, but I’m really glad that my assistant professor introduced me to it.

Going down in my list, the last two places have conquered my LinkedIn and my Medium account. Why? Because the first one, I still get to know it and try to become better at it, and in the second one, I connect to write articles about my classes, about the project that I participate in, about my interests. Last but not least, I read pleasantly articles from others and learn a lot of things. In that case, also, I use both my accounts for a year now, and I am still in a mood of discovering.

Of course I use some of them, more than once or twice — especially Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. More or less, that’s my daily life in social media. I love them, I use them and learn from them.

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