My everyday life with the Social Media

Hi! My name is Penelope and I study communication media and culture at Panteion university. As every other student that lives in this contemporary world I use media and all the applications in my everyday life not only to communicate, but to express feelings, thoughts, considerations and everything I have on my mind at a given moment.

Now that I’ m thinking of it, my everyday life starts with the media. First of all, the first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning while I’ m lying in bed thinking of how tired I am is to check out my notifications on my mobile facebook app. If I don’t, I just leave my bed, go to the kitchen and I drink my hot coffee while I’m checking out my facebook from my laptop. Many times I listen to music while I’m doing this, so if I’m in a good mood or the opposite. I’m used to post the song that I listen to at this moment. So, with facebook I can express what I have in my mind by posting a simple song, or even a photo sometimes! It depends on the mood of course. After I check my facebook profile I usually go to check my emails… but I only do this if I have my laptop opened.

Another application that I like to use very much and it’s one of my favorites is Snapchat, and although many people think that it’s useless and not necessary to have, I believe exactly the opposite. I use it almost everyday and I usually use it to post things that I see at a given moment that are not necessarily important, or something that you have to pay attention to…it’s usually things that I like for my personal reasons the specific time that I see them, and what I like with Snapchat is that I can upload them without thinking if they are worthy to post them.. I just post them cause they are going to be deleted the latest in 24 hours.

Now I have to refer to my favorite application, the one I prefer the most of all the others I use, and this is nothing but Instagram. As every other person at my age who likes social media, I love photography! In my opinion, photography is the art of preservation.. photography gives you the opportunity to save the moments and the pictures in your mind that you used to like or to love.. through Instagram I can post and show all the moments that once fascinated me and that I’d love to share .. especially if I go on a trip somewhere I use Instragram all the time.

I sometimes use Twitter, but it is not one of my favourites. For me it is just a tool I use at the university and I suppose it will be useful to me in the future for professional purposes.

Last but not least, it’s Skype! I don’t use it as often as all the other applications, but I use it quite often, so I can say that it’s one of my favourites. I usually use it to communicate with some good distant friends and the fact that I can still talk to them like I still have them next to me, I owe it to Skype.. so, thank you Skype!

This was me and my day with social Media..

Kisses, Penelope

Betty Tsakarestou

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