Once upon a couch…

My university life is almost over, but I can assure you that one thing that I learnt-and won’t possibly forget-while studying Communication, Media and Culture in Panteion University, is that teamwork is a very important thing that all of us should work on. Whether it’s a small, or a big project, whether it doesn’t even affect your final semester grade or your life depends on it, group projects were always there to remind me and my fellow students that teamwork is a ‘must-skill’.

And what is the most important thing about teamwork? That’s right. The team.

For this semester’s Mobile Reputations: Collaborative Consumption in Sharing Economy Era, our task was to form teams and work as a group observing a specific community of our choice. It took us quite a while to figure out the community that we’d select and in all honest, we changed our mind from time to time, not sure if we would be making the right move. In the end, we thought that CouchSurfing would be a great example of a community for us to study, so we begun challenging ourselves.

But the actual challenge was that it was seven of us, mostly people that hadn’t worked together before. We really needed to stay focused, don’t lose our temper, organize our jobs and most importantly, learn each other’s needs.

Fortunately, the final result was something that we were all pleased with! My teammates (Eirini, Alex, Venetia, Helena, Maria & George) will let you know more about our project and research, but meanwhile, enjoy this video of us on our first group meeting!