Social “Mήdea”, staring an obstreperous social media panorama.

“aiâi [Aah!] 
I am in agony, I am so brutally misused. 
You horrible children, of a mother who hates you 
god damn you with your father, 
and the whole house go to Hell.”

This is the second line of Euripides greatest heroine, Medea, at the beginning of the homonym tragedy, and it could easily sum up my daily rampage while railing against random posts and tweets across the social media spectrum. As jittery as I might sound, we all know am not the only one. Who could remain stolid in a world of stupid posts with fomented ideas though?

I used to be an early adopter. Taking back time to 6th grade (circa 2006) I can see myself having a myspace account and a year later both Facebook and Youtube accounts. Social media have deeply Medeafied me though. They brought me at this very point that you have no definite activity and you just wait for the time to fulminate. Facebook’s hefty flocks of kinda mainstream-trashy squads who inundate my timeline along with trashy posts make me disavow that f insignia of the app on my phone. I have reduced my facebook activity to the minimum because I no longer enjoy Jasons in this Medea drama. I mean you can tell my poise from my posts’ frequency below.

Litteraly I just want to disentangle with this Facebook drama, hopefully sometime soon, because academia factors keeps me logged in (such as cohorts pages etc.) .

Medea’s primitive wild instincts can be curtailed just on Facebook. Instagram it’s a different story.

“The wisest men follow their own direction.” had said Euripides.

but not me. I follow Triumph Motorcycles, hotels in Transcoso Brazil and foodie accounts, a lot of food style accounts. Instagram is quite of a dream to me. It’s full of places I’ve never been and foods I’ve never tasted, this is why I love to surf on instagram late at night, usually before sleep, it helps me dream. All of the above might not sound like Medea, but it is youthful and superficial like Jason, so I am still in the same tragedy.

Frequency is still a problem in my Insta account, but that’s because I find no sparkle in my photos therefore no reason to spur them too. I have a closed account to deter promotional accounts to follow me, although I accept almost every request.

It was Jason who obsteperously told Medea that for a barbarian she is even privileged to be surrounded by people, and that he would let her to linger on in his civilised environment. Only if he knew what it would follow some lines after. To avoid Facebook howls, I have lately veered into Pinterest. My account is more than 5 years old and it has no activity but I can say that I feel rather active in this app. I spend hours of searching inspiration and being leaded in websites that I could not have found other way.

It is a rather dread period for my social media activity because I recently deactivated both my twitter and tumblr accounts, as I did last year with my vimeo account. Since the past couple of months my priorities, in terms of time spending, have shifted. I am obviously an amateur user who just cares for a stolid virtual stroll around the web, mainly connecting with friends and family. That’s not a Medea type of person, but it draws inspirations from Euripides’ mindset on being neutral.

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