The Storytelling of Chill Out web-tv Part 2

Ιn this community everything is prepared in a way to be student friendly as we said.The members of the team have collaboration with other important factors by sharing their experiences.Chill out has built trust by being responsible and honest with every member. Our methodology has these basic tools:two members of the team participate and are part of the Chill out team, also they do interviews with the members and they observe our social media and our shows in order to notice how we really work in action. The best thing of this collaboration is that all members work together.Chill out however has collaboration with star channel, with sponsors and others who help in using the equipment .It’s beautiful to see how different skills and ideas mixed smoothly and how people sharing their knowledge,its peer to peer collaboration.

AnastasiaIoannidi Nikoletta Galati MariaSarlani Katerina Aggou Betty Tsakarestou

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