The Value Proposition

There is tons of expertise in different niches out there and an increasing, non-met demand for tailor-made, value-for-money mentoring. We play the role of the market maker. By developing a secure & user-friendly platform, on 100mentors we radically simplify the process of finding and booking best match-mentors from your targeted companies or universities.

We eliminate the huge range of options you need to explore, by using algorithmic matching and based on the input you add on your profile & on the chat with our mentors.Thus we pair you with your best-match Mentor — a role model that has been «in your shoes»; with a similar background to your profile. People who have successfully done what you wish to achieve, can best help you follow their steps & avoid their mistakes, to land their positions.

Eleni Kouroukli and I for Betty Tsakarestou and @PanteionUniversity

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