Would you surf the world?

We are now able to say, that we are aware of what Couchsurfing is, as Helena Apodiakou explained in her article. What we didn’t know and wanted to find out, is whether their target group in Greece was familiar with the whole concept of Couchsurfing. Moreover, it was our concern to understand how the idea is captured in young people’s minds. And we were targeting in young adult internet users ages (18–29), because they are the ones who use social networking websites the most.

We thought the best community to focus on was the students of Panteion University. The questions were short and right on point. We asked them to answer if they knew what Couchsurfing is, and whether they would do it or not. In our surprise most of them already knew the idea behind Couchsurfing. We noticed that the students who have been abroad with the Erasmus Programme knew more information about it, in comparison with the students who have never been abroad. However, most of them admitted they wouldn’t give it a try, as it would be difficult for them to trust a person they hardly know, in order to live with them, even for a few days. Take a look at the video to see what they told us.

Wanna see a fun video of our first meeting as a group by Aggeliki Karali? Head to her article to find out more about the way we collaborated as a team!