Enhancing UX in malls through digital: What one SA group is getting right

Connecting to free WiFi in South Africa, as well as many other places abroad, always seems rife with trials and tribulations. From expensive fees and having to give away a host of personal information, to limited user-access and frequently dropped connections. It is no surprise that many people find this to be a massive barrier to entry.

These are some of the issues which a partnership between Xpertek Contact, Silverstone Solutions and the Mcormick Property Group (MPG) hoped to address in their latest venture at the McCormick malls.

“Spin and Win” Big Screen at the mall.

Mall engagement in action:

The joint venture kicked off in November 2016 when MPG launched its first WiFi optimized digital engagement campaign at three of their malls in Gauteng. The aim was to bridge the gap between traditional and digital engagement by providing access to free WIFI in a way that was both simple, and beneficial to both customers and advertisers. As a result, the campaign proved hugely successful in generating just over R1 million in revenue in the malls from just three weekend activations.

The way in which this was achieved was simple, yet effective. Shoppers were given a chance to win prizes through a ‘spin-the-wheel’ game on a big screen if they had spent R250 or more in the mall. They submitted their till slips at promotional stands in the mall, registered on Silverstone’s Promoflo mobile platform, and spun a digital ‘wheel’ on a big TV screen for a chance to win a selection of prizes including airtime, home appliances and homeware.

After registration to the WiFi and entry into the competition, shoppers were then directed to a landing page showcasing various offers in the mall, display banners and info on other competitions they can enter — providing an opportunity for other store tenants in the mall to communicate to customers.

Mobile display of mall promotions.

Additionally, after signing up, the shoppers device is automatically identified. This then allows for proximity marketing, when he/she is in the WiFi zone, which can initiate push notifications through to them at any point of their journey.

So how did the malls benefit?

Customer data and insight is vital to any business. By implementing a WiFi solution alongside an engagement portal the mall was able to start building a database of customers from scratch in a short space of time. This meant they were then able to then communicate directly with customers on various offers, competitions and loyalty discounts and rewards. Through engagement, the malls were then able to take this a step further, by profiling and segmenting their audience, building vital information on what customers liked, how they engaged, and what content they enjoyed. Ultimately this worked towards building brand loyal with customers and increasing basket spend.

Tenants (store owners) were also given the opportunity to purchase ad packages on the platform — which provided maximum exposure through the form of display ads at strategic moments, push SMS messaging and the use of a short code and keyword that could be included in their traditional marketing.

What do shoppers get out of it?

As well as providing easy access to free WIFI, customers were rewarded for registering on the platform through exciting discounts, benefits as well as receiving access to exclusive content and competitions.

It’s a solution where everyone wins

The combination of free WiFi and a digital engagement platform provides both the mall, its tenants, and its shoppers with a whole new customer UX. As a result this has created a new engagement channel, which can be monetized, adapted and provide value to consumers.

To view the case study or get in touch visit http://lnq.in/mccormicklp or contact riaan@silverstonecis.com.

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