How to inject creativity into programmatic

Adjoin and Maxaxion were pleased to be able to recently host Leonel Silva from Celtra. Leonels main responsibility is improving the quality of display and video advertising for programmatic partners and publishers across EMEA. Celtra providing the most globally advanced and complete SaaS platform for creative production, data driven creative, management, distribution and optimization of display, video and native ads.

One of the primary decisions to motivate this tour is that as a group we feel that programmatic media buying has almost broken the internal structures of agencies and in part has alienated creativity in the process. The media traders took over the world overnight and suddenly it was about impressions, CTR rates and the lowest ecpms that money could buy. Fortunatley the industry as a whole has grown up and is recognising that this is not the future and that programatic is merely the “plumbing” and infrastructure to execute these media campaigns.

With that in mind how do we elevate the performance and engagement. Thinking vertically when deciding on your tech stack your DSP sits at the heart of the operation, your engine room and “baked” into the equation we are now able to layer data from a range of 3rd party suppliers, hopefully delivering your media to the correct audience and thirdly and more excitingly we can now add programmatic creative into the equation.

The recent sessions introduced the Celtra adcreator platform, This highly intuative platform (not disimilar to photoshop) allows over 50 drag and drop functionalities and over 200 tested features from store locators, inline video, galleries, social shareing and much more…Its responsive so adapts across different screen sizes and its AB testing fucntionality allows one creative to sit on one tag so minimising admin on complex campaign delievery. Signals can be attached to creative and messaging adapting the creative according to weather, location and time swoping out creative dynamically to enhace the experience with the brand by example…If its sunny lets see the sunroof feature in the new Jeep, link this to the gyro in the handset and shake your phone to change the colour of the car…its really down to your imagination.

So where does Adjoin feature in all of this? Well this tech is available to run across all certified ad exchanges but Private Marketplaces have been slow to adapt. Daniel Courteney Adjoin MD “ We have created something quite unique with the Adjoin audience network across premium publishers and adding Celtra to our partnerships along with Krux and Rubicon we have something very exciting to offer. For Advertisers the media is far more effective and we are able drill deep into the anlytics of the creative, whats working, whats not, for Creatives they can let those man buns down and unleash some very exciting executions and for publishers more natively aligned media and we trust an increase in engagement and revenue.

We can now see the demise of the banner ad which cant be a bad thing.

We would encourage anyone in this space to check out and even sit in on a few webinars, its time well spent.

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