Create a Corporate Mobile Center of Excellence

Create a corporate mobile center of excellence to create processes, establish governance & develop a matrix of supported devices.

Your transformation must begin with your people!

Despite the growing maturity of mobile technologies in the enterprise, most organizations have been unable to put the governance in place needed to make mobility work well for employees and employers alike. When BYOD users don’t know the rules for using their devices at work, it’s the same as having no rules at all.

The most important step you can take is to create a mobile center of excellence (COE) comprised of employees from most of your different business units and IT. This team will create processes that make the best use of your technology:

  • Creating a matrix of supported devices that meet the company’s app, security and management needs
  • Creating a document that spells-out all mobile policies and procedures
  • Defining how telecom expenses will be covered via stipends or reimbursements as well as international roaming policies
  • Performing due diligence on the selection of app development, backend integration and device management packages
  • Defining wireless LAN, WAN and cellular standards as well as negotiating plans with mobile operators
Establishing a Mobile Center of Excellence will not only reduce risk to your company by clearly spelling-out what your employees can and cannot do, but it will also improve employee productivity by eliminating all the “guess work.”

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