SnapSeed update preserves metadata for ‘most’ tools and filters

Updates to Street View Tools

Street View challenges

One of the things that is difficult about producing quality photosphere constellations, is the continuity of the placement and direction of the device. We have a camera that is really 2 cameras with a gyro, a device with a gyro and GPS, software that says the output from the camera will use the GPS data of the phone or tablet but place it’s own heading into the XMP metadata schema, the phone or tablet is also the remote to trigger the camera, and Google doesn’t want your mug in the shot.


The result is building a workflow that includes setting a delay after the trigger, and auto capture to provide continuity, running and hiding somewhere after you pull the trigger, and returning to the gear to move it to the next waypoint. Even then the constellations aren’t lining up savvy.

SnapSeed is a great tool to heal the bottom edge of a flattened sphere. But it breaks the continuity of the metadata.

I hope the Goog eventually fixes the ‘most’ to all tools in SnapSeed and a way to bulk process a batch of spheres.

However I am thankful for at least this effort.


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