Jason Yeaman
Jan 17, 2017 · 2 min read

The spec sheet is a lie.


Here is a racked-and-stacked list of the top performing Android devices. This list was compiled from AnTuTu benchmarks..


It is difficult to put this list into perspective because there is nothing to base a contrasting dataset to. However, when you realize that the top 2 handsets have 4GB of system RAM. things fall into perspective. With that in mind, when comparing Android device performance on a homogenous Android list of devices…it would seem that the handsets with more RAM perform better on the Antutu benchmark.

Add an i

Here is what the list looks like when you add a couple of iPhones:

iMagine a world with no color

The spec sheet…is a lie.

Originally published at imthemobile.guru.

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Mobile⌘Tech News

Analysis | Security | How-To

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