Review of intro to XCUITests course

I have been following courses on for a while now and when a new course on iOS XCUITests from Shashikant showed up, I went all in and finished it up and got my first certificate!

I have been doing XCUItests for few years and had the false idea course would be redundant but boy I have learned quite a few things that will help me directly at work.

  1. Enums for page objects is clean trick, would love to see how can it be extended to multiple screens and objects.
  2. XCTContext is nice little trick that gives clean reporting and groups test blocks
  3. Eyes SDK is pretty easy and one can add visual checking in minutes, integrates nicely with a well-organized project.
  4. Travis CI doesn’t have pay wall even for Mac builds!
  5. xcodebuild -list is concise and handy command that summarizes all schemes, builds in your project.
  6. Instead of deleting or worst commenting a flaky test, one can disable it from the scheme (I think it adds to the -skip-testing option)

Few things that I didn’t like:

  1. Using BDD style in an intro course seem out of place, especially since screen objects were introduced later. While some projects/teams may like BDD, it is not a de-facto for all automation projects.
  2. There is one quiz question which has a wrong answer, it impacted my credits

We could run BDD or any other xcuitests from xcodebuild or fastlane as shown later in the course.