How Custom Web App Development is Changing Business Intelligence

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Many customers know about web app development from the buyer experience prospective and while mobile app development is a great way to increase brand awareness and provide a user friendly experience for prospective customers web app development for business intelligence is also rising in popularity for businesses that collect a lot of data and need an organized system to turn those numbers into profit. A custom data warehouse provides many benefits to businesses that are looking to store and use data in new and creative ways to improve their bottom line including.

Some examples of how custom app development can be implemented include:

A web app development service brought together multiple relevant software platforms, and created an app that streamlines workflow assessment in real-time.

This app allowed the business’s team members in the field can communicate smoothly with home office, each one in sync with work orders, updates and more. This is an ideal solution for warehouse management, which has been an industry on the rise with online shopping being at a peak worldwide.

A hospital system that relies on communication of critical and highly private patient information needed a safe way to do so electronically and a custom web app was developed for this cause.

The app enabled chiefs, residents and nurses to securely send and receive images and/or messages securely and quickly through the app. This required creation of a custom camera application to keep images off the “camera roll” for security while still offering full control of image details. This is an example of the how mobile web app development can be customized to the industry and can even be designed to improve internal business relations and communication.

Web app development has been customized to even cater to small to mid-sized businesses. App developers built a marketing site that leveraged the client’s need for a heavy web presence. The environmental services company came away with a site that not increased visibility of the brand, but gave the company the ability to access regulatory adherence documentation, product lines, customer education and other critical information that improved and enhanced their business.

Web app development can also be used for privacy and security.

A healthcare company needed to ensure that its computers, databases and networks were safe from intruders and viruses. Healthcare companies are now obliged to adhere to the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). This law requires healthcare companies to ensure the privacy and security of their customers’ information and data. A web app development service can build a full network security audit app to identify security vulnerabilities and to help these businesses to reach compliance with HIPAA.

SD3 is a leader in custom web app development and they have assisted many businesses from Chicago and beyond with achieving their app development goal whether the company is looking to give away an app for brand awareness to more complex business intelligence systems.