Meet the Team: Gil Dudkiewicz, CEO & Co-Founder

We love being able to meet members of the blockchain and Mobilechain community out in the world when we travel to events and conferences. But we know not all of you have had the chance to meet the Mobilechain team! This is why we’re happy to begin our “Meet the Team” series on the Mobilechain blog!

First up is Mobilechain CEO & Co-Founder Gil Dudkiewicz. Read on for more from Gil about why blockchain and mobile work together, what being a CEO means, and the power of memory.

When did you first hear about blockchain (in general)?

I first heard whisperings about bitcoin and crypto currency many years ago, I loved the concept of moving the control from the banks to the people. After that I took more of an interest in the underlying technology of blockchain. The inflection point came to us late last year that for blockchain to be successful on large scale it has to be in mobile.

What is your professional background?

Prior to co-founding Mobilechain, I co-founded StartApp, a mobile media and data company where I continue to operate as CEO. Before StartApp, I was the CEO of SweetIM, which was acquired by Perion Network (NASDAQ: PERI) in late 2012 for $41 million. In addition to this, I was also the CEO of MyDTV/MeeVee and the Entrepreneur in Residence at The Cedar Fund.

In your opinion, what are some of blockchain’s biggest challenges?

Some of the first challenges that come to mind are: slow transaction speeds, high costs for the processing power needed to publish and store large amounts of data, and no recognized way of editing or fixing user error. I believe each of these things will improve with time, but blockchain can’t reach its full potential if meaningful strides aren’t made. The biggest challenge though is that it is still very hard to use and mainly only for tech geeks. The usage need to be simplified big time

Why hasn’t blockchain made it big on mobile yet?

I think a lot of the reasons that blockchain hasn’t made it to mobile yet are the same as why blockchain hasn’t made it into the general mainstream yet. I also think a lot of the current blockchain products for mobile are centered on building an entirely new kind of mobile experience — one separate from the Android/iOS architecture that we are all familiar with. I very much respect what these companies are trying to do but getting average consumers to engage with a new mobile experience will be an uphill battle. Working within the existing mobile ecosystem — where the consumers are — is going to be blockchain’s biggest challenge.

In your opinion, what is the biggest potential benefit of blockchain on mobile?

I think one of the biggest potential benefits of blockchain on mobile will be the technologies it enables and the barriers it breaks down. Tools for transacting across borders, verifying information, exchanging value and information, and more can all have incredibly powerful effects on the mobile economy — especially for the mobile user. Mobile is one of the few industries where I believe we will be able to see the effects of blockchain technology on the average global consumer.

Tell us what being a CEO entails. What is your day-to-day?

As the CEO of a company as new as Mobilechain, every day is something different. There is a lot of travel and a lot of time spent on the phone. One day I could be in meeting with my management team in person, the next be in New York to meet with our advisors, and the next in San Francisco to speak at an blockchain event. As CEO, you need to give directions, assemble and guide the right team, and answer the questions that others do not know or are afraid to take on —even if you don’t have all the info.

What are you working on right now at Mobilechain?

One of our main focuses right now is just getting the Mobilechain story out there. We’ve been working on this project for months nowbehind the scenes and now we’re having to spread the word. We’ve been speaking at conferences, spreading the word about our Telegram group, sharing our story with the press. In the meantime, our R&D team is working on developing the core Mobilechain SDK and Mobilechain Wallet.

Security is a big concern with blockchain and crypto. How will Mobilechain handle this?

Our R&D and network security teams are incredibly experienced and are already working on putting the appropriate security measures in place with Mobilechain. Coming from a company like StartApp that handles over 15TB of data on a daily basis, data security is something we take very seriously and something our team knows a lot about. I won’t cover all of the specifics here but I believe we touched on some initial plans in our whitepaper.

Besides blockchain, what do you think will be the next big thing in mobile?

I think messaging apps are going to continue to lead the app economy in terms of innovation. I believe a lot of companies are going to begin exploring this space in more depth. We’re already seeing this in APAC markets and once it hits the US, there will be no slowing down.

What’s one thing you wish your mobile phone could do? It can be realistic or just a dream

Very simple. Be foldable, unbreakable, and have a long battery life so the phone can fully replace the wallet, both as identity and cash/transaction wise

What is the biggest misconception about mobile outside of the mobile industry, in your opinion?

I think the biggest misconception about mobile, from my view, is that mobile is done developing. People look at the iPhone or at Google’s phones and not much is really changing anymore — a lot of cosmetic changes and some processing improvements, but nothing on the scale of the difference between the original iPhone and the iPhone 4, for example. People see this from the outside and think — well that’s it! Mobile is done revolutionizing.

The biggest things happening on mobile are no longer the phones themselves — it’s the applications. Look at what Snapchat and WeChat are doing. You have these — on the surface, very basic messaging apps — building an entire economy within one mobile phone application. You can shop, read the news, browse the web, order a coffee, send a picture, send money, edit a video, call your Mom — all from one place. And users are really responding to it! Mobile is transforming into this indispensable multi-tool for every facet of modern day life.

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