MobileCoin: Cryptocurrency Designed for Everyone

Joshua Goldbard
Published in
1 min readApr 24, 2018


MobileCoin is a new cryptocurrency designed to be used by everyone. We’ve begun work on a system that focuses on scalability, usability, and privacy. There are many challenges to overcome in this process, but we are excited to work with our technical team and regulators towards this goal.

Today we are announcing a fundraising round led by Binance Labs for $30,000,000 denominated in Ethereum and Bitcoin. We will use this capital to build out our team and processes as we deliver this product.

“As one of the market leaders in the space, our mission at Binance Labs is to help advance blockchain technologies and grow our collective crypto ecosystem. A mobile-first, user-friendly cryptocurrency, like MobileCoin, plays a critical role in driving mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. The MobileCoin team and Binance Labs share a common vision and we are proud to be a supporter of what they are doing.” — Binance Labs

We are recruiting our core team of engineers. Specifically, we are looking for those who have worked on large systems (greater than 10,000,000 daily active users) in a senior role who enjoy working on low-level code. Direct memory access is a critical part of our problem set. Please email if you wish to discuss the available positions.

This is a journey and we are excited to build a simple system for trusted payments.