#ProjectSlice: Satoshi’s Pizzeria

Joshua Goldbard
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2 min readMay 13, 2020


You were walking along in Neo Tokyo feeling a bit famished. After a long day of biking through the park you suddenly realize that you are hungry and the only thing that can sate your voracious appetite is a slice of pizza. You exit the park and turn down an alley into a suburb of Harajuku. Somehow it always seems that the dazzling lights and irreverent fashion of this district never fade. There seems to be a storm brewing overhead so you park your bike under an awning. You look to the right and see a small sign that says “Satoshi’s Pizzeria.”

As you walk inside you notice that the place feels a bit ancient and out of place. The decor could be from any era with weird tapestries next to pinball machines. It reminds you of the bar from the opening scene of Akira. As you slide up to the counter the person behind it stares out at you looking a thousand yards past your face. You can’t tell their gender or their age which makes the words that come out of their mouth next that much more mysterious. “Only a Sith Lord deals in absolutes,” they say.

Confused, you reply “Sorry, I just wanted a slice of pizza.”

They stare back at you and point at the QR code on the counter. You pull out your phone and scan it.

It reads: 5Uek84G4WTs4aVTRJFF9a4kfxkvHU9xdRsK5ZdaeWaLJgSXrLxswACJY2QyXLCMeefAxyYHKNjNDgUGt1DyWdJnv1euquy8Ee6csXZ3SjkUgbN8YQHQWCMvfBLExbHvCR6bGob9cfzZovN5tnVr9HJBq7dqCm4WXHJz6GPatCYchC5qypQDUBpQBCoqp3h5bwVn1HW3dwx3NKgxQ

Happy Hunting!!

Shlomo Zippel is the winner of the first slice. There are two more slices up for grabs!

::UPDATE 2::
Josh Dechant and Jason Martin won the remaining two slices! Thanks for playing!!

P.S. If you need some coins to get started on the testnet, hit us up!

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