Beyond1435 is back. And growing.

Dear Mobility and Transportation Community,

We are back! With the relaunch of our website as a final part of the Beyond1435 transformation, we would like to invite you back into the Beyond1435 ecosystem — the open innovation platform of Deutsche Bahn, Siemens, SBB and Bombardier.

Beyond1435. A strategic vision.

Throughout the last year, we haven´t publicly talked so much about what we are doing. Instead, we went back into the garage mode and built Beyond1435 around a joint mission:

Beyond1435 stands for looking beyond 1435mm, which is the standard gauge of (European) railroad tracks. This is where we believe change will be coming from in the mobility and transportation industry. It will be coming from innovation beyond rail. Think about kickback scooters or bike-sharing. Think about ride-sharing or even flying cars one day. Transportation paired with digitization will affect all corporations in this industry, one way or another. Digitization will challenge them in their core businesses. And on the positive side, it will open doors to new business opportunities.

Coming back to the rail industry, which is a highly complex system and operating on a very large scale. As a matter of fact, the rail industry is defined by long innovation cycles, so “not very agile”. To keep up to customers’ demands nowadays is quite challenging. And still, the railroad industry is the backbone of mass transportation. Rail “democratizes the access to mobility” for a vast part of the population. It is a heritage that we as Europeans can be all proud of. We love it. But it challenges us sometimes. So what does all of this have to do with Beyond1435?

Built for Joint Business Development.

At Beyond1435, we see ourselves as a catalyzer in the transportation ecosystem. Every single corporation separately already plays a vital role in this industry. Together we have the opportunity to jointly shape the future. We do this by engaging with the most promising startups.

Beyond1435 is run as an open innovation platform. There are no batches and Beyond1435 does not take any equity. What we are looking for are win-win-scenarios among corporations and startups. We are convinced that collaboration is key to success. What sets Beyond1435 apart is its joint approach that we call “joint business development”.

What is ‘joint business development’ (or just JBD)? For us, innovation is no longer only about bilateral 1:1 Proof-of-Concept-projects. We want to leverage all assets available on this platform in order to help scale new business opportunities. More concrete, at Beyond1435 we ideally work together with startups that involve at least 2 big players. This could mean Deutsche Bahn and Siemens or Bombardier and SBB partnering with a startup. What matters in the end in this industry is literally getting to industrial scale.

Open. And growing.

At Beyond1435 we set our focus primarily on startups that come from Europe or Israel and are at a Series A+ stage. These companies should have worked before with a corporation, so expectations are matched properly when it comes to execution of POCs, JBDs etc.

Last year we fine-tuned our internal engine. Structures and processes were calibrated and ramped up. The four partners built out their internal organizations and led projects with startups individually or jointly over 
POC-stage to implementation.

Beyond1435 is at the point now where we are able to add globally leading corporations to our platform and, as well, offer more startups the opportunity to go through our business development process. We will share more information soon. Please, subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter and stay tuned.