Mobile First : What Does It Mean And Why ?

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Mobile first design was introduced by google in 2010, hence forth it has become most popular trend in UX design & development communities.

What does it mean ?

Think in terms of mobile before designing anything.

  1. Mobile website :- Design website specially for mobile devices instead of reusing desktop version of website on mobile using some adjustment.
  2. Digital content :- Pull or send only necessary data required to be displayed on mobile device(Avoid data overhead). Optimize images, video and files on server for mobile instead of optimizing or processing on content at mobile. Text should be easily readable. User must have easy access to images, videos, maps etc. on mobile.
  3. Processing :- Try to avoid intense processing on mobile.
  4. Content View :- Design view keeping mobile in mind. All the content must displayed properly on mobile.

Why mobile first ?

In past, users used to focus on desktop design, mobile design was never the priority. But now a days mobile devices are primary source by which users access their content 0r web site.

Today people prefer to access their online content, application, social networking on handy devices.

Everybody want thing on single click, that can be possible with mobile only.

“Mobile first in everything. Mobile first in terms of applications. Most first in terms of the way people use things. And it means … that we have a role now to inform, to educate through all these devices.” -Google chief executive Eric Schmidt

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