Mobility of the future | transforming the world of mobility.

Sustainable mobility of one of the most important societal challenges. Luckily, at Junction we’re not the only ones who believe this.

A whole new dynamism is slowely but surely manifesting itself; a lot of cities are on the move. Urbanites discover new ways to go from point A to point B, thanks to innovative mobility-oriented products who are finding their way into the market.

However, the overall mobility debate also exposes multiple challenges. To identify these challenges in this debate is one thing. To address them and find solutions, is another. In the interest of us and the society, it shouldn’t end here. We need action and movement. The different stakeholders need to find each other, and cooperations need to be facilitated and implemented.

Building a forum for this cooperation, is exactly what we want to achieve by organising the summit Mobility of the Future. The mobility revolution is happening right now and we welcome everyone to be a part of it, as mobility concerns everyone.

We bring together professionals and industry experts from the private and public sector to inspire them, exchange views and opinions, and to build the future of mobility together. During the summit, attendees will be immersed in the newest development within the world of mobility.

We do this by organising a creative learning day for students in the last grade of high school and their teachers on February 22nd. We focus on car mechanics, electronics and STEM-disciplines. Hands-on workshops will make sure the future of mobility will be experienced completely.

On Friday the 23rd of February, we welcome the professionals and policy makers to a conference which focuses on 3 main tracks: (1) urban mobility & city design, (2) smart & sustainable mobility, and (3) connected & autonomous vehicles. Local and international keynote speakers will be sharing their views with us. Next to that, attendees will be able to follow workshops, allowing them to discover new technologies, implemented in the field of mobility. These include blockchain, virtual & augmented reality, internet of things, artificial intelligence, …

The expo, ongoing during the summit, offers a stage to startups as well as established companies to showcase their innovation in mobility to the big audience. Applications, platforms, mobility-as-a-service, sharing systems, electric cars and bikes, hoverboards, drones, … Even a simulator for a flying car will be present!

As if that’s not enough, there will also be a 3-day hackathon taking place, where teams will immerse themselves in specific challenges within mobility. They will receive coaching from industry experts and will present their solution to a jury panel on Saturday evening. Together with the partners, their solutions will be implemented and further developed so the future of mobility can be further improved.

Partners who already signed up are Vlaanderen: department of mobility and public works, We are mobility, De Cronos Groep, Lab Box, Taxistop, KBC Autolease, Febetra, Diagnose Car, Thomas More, Volvo, Mobi-VUB. This list is continuously evolving and is again an indication that the momentum is here and that we have to take matters into our own hands.

We need you

Facilitating cooperations, inspiring people and co-create the future of mobility, that’s why we do it. Therefore we happily invite you to build the future of mobility with us and all stakeholders involved. We need everyone to ensure a sustainable and tangible mobility. We’re counting on you!


Mobility of the future — 22–24 February 2018 — Brussels Kart Expo — Registrations and practical info:

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