Mobilum presents at the 12th BLOCKCHAIN SYMPOSIUM: Token Economy presented by SYNCO

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On Wednesday, 25 July — we had the pleasure of sponsoring and presenting at the 12th Blockchain Symposium by SYNCO in Seoul.

Mobilum COO, Przemek Maliszewski presented on MBM Token Economics, and Business Development Manager, Iwo Lobert conversed and connected with attendees.

Iwo Lobert (Left) and Przemek Maliszewski (right) representing Mobilum at 12th Blockchain Symposium

During the symposium, we were able to communicate to the audience the crucial role that Mobilum will play in the new crypto economy.

Przemek’s presentation focused on how Mobilum is solving one of the most profound issues when it comes to utilizing your cryptocurrency in every day life.

The world is divided. The old economy doesn’t understand the new crypto economy as well.

Currently, one cannot go out for the day and easily pay for items or services — such as, buying flowers, a coffee, or tickets to the cinema — using their cryptocurrency. Mobilum is solving this issue by bridging the gap between the old economy and new crypto economy.

Providing a platform for crypto holders that will connect these two worlds, will allow for anybody to spend their crypto wealth anywhere, at any time, using any existing payment card they already have in their wallet.

Mobilum minimizes the risk of accepting crypto, while maximizing other effects like immediate execution, best execution rates and zero transaction time. We are connected to different venues for associated cryptocurrency and fiat currency exchanges.

Mobilum Wallet app is available on IOS, Android and Web. We support all fiat currencies + three major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Dash and Ether family + more coming soon!

Our wallet, Mobilum Wallet is an existing application and is a multi-signature wallet — so we do not keep any private keys. Simply convert the crypto and top off the credit or debit card you have and immediately — you can spend for anything you want in any terminal.

Przemek continued to speak on how Mobilum Wallet allows users to get a loan using cryptocurrency as a collateral . . .

Mobilum Wallet will freeze the equivalent of cryptos needed to cover the risk associated with the loan given to the customer. It’s up to the customer whether they wish to pay back the loan in fiat or whether they wish for Mobilum to settle the cryptos in the most favourable way, to pay back the loan. Mobilum Wallet allows users to convert fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, pay for services using crypto. . . and much more.

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Until Q1 2019 MBM Wallet will only be available to the first 5000 contributors. Mobilum has a dual nature of an access token and a transaction fee token. Users need to hold MBM tokens in order to use the Mobilum platform.

All in all, the symposium was a fantastic event and we had great success! We truly value the new relationships that we were able to cultivate, the existing relationships we were able to reconnect with, and learning more on all the brilliant projects that are being introduced into the new crypto economy.

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About Mobilum

Mobilum is a global payment processing platform which enables real-time cryptocurrency payments at points of sale using a customer’s existing debit or credit card. Mobilum platform consists of the Mobilum Smart Contract powered by MBM token and the Mobilum Wallet, the mobile application. Together they create a unique technological solution, which allow users to make and receive payments in the currency of their choice. Mobilum connects fiat and crypto currencies in real-time, decreasing the total cost of each transaction and guaranteeing the most favourable execution.