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Here is a Complete Guide…

The rise of OTT Video platforms over the last few years and the increasing desire to watch videos through internet is shaping television.

Let us start off by stating it is possible to start your own OTT service. It is Really possible!!!

In this post, I will show you how to take your first steps towards creating an OTT platform…

Ready? Let’s go!

Why should you start your own OTT service?

  • In a world of audio and video streaming apps the most preferred activities amongst mobile device users are Streaming services. So starting your own OTT service if you have right content is a no brainer!

Here are a few reasons why we need to create an OTT platform

  • OTT video content is multi screen
  • Allows distribution of new content globally
  • Easy monetization
  • Eliminates the need to invest in equipment
  • Live Streaming appeals to subscribers
  • Improved connectivity
  • Security
  • Great User Experience

There are specific industries wherein OTT works great and you can invest on!

Here are some…

1. Entertainment

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Entertainment isn’t just growing!!!! It’s accelerating…

what do you say?

  1. For the first time online viewing surpassed broadcast television in 2018
  2. Platforms like Youtube, Netflix, Hulu etc. have become the go to platform for online content

2. Education

Why invest in Online Learning?

The main reason is :

  • Economic benefits
  • Global Reach
  • Reduced time to market



Online workouts can be accessed anytime, anywhere and can help you reach out to fitness enthusiasts around the world.

So, You have now chosen to begin your own streaming service and need to know whether you should go for a SaaS-based OTT Platform or construct your very own streaming platform.

Here are the steps for those who wish to start their own OTT platform

Step #1 Choose Your Business Model

Two types of models in OTT they are,

  1. Transactional
  2. Subscription

Transactional — In the TVOD model, visitors can sign-up for free, but payment is required to access the content. This is usually in the form of a one-time payment, a timed payment, or content you own or download to own.

Examples -transactional services such as iTunes, Vimeo On Demand and Amazon Instant Video.

Subscription -OTT(over-the-top), refers to content that is delivered over the internet and does not require a traditional broadcast or cable video infrastructure to distribute it. For telecom, cable, media and content businesses, OTT video subscriptions represent a fine new business model designed for ongoing customer relationships.

Examples — SVOD subscription-based services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

Step #2 Select your OTT Video Platform

Creating your OTT video platform becomes easy once you know which business model you have selected.

An OTT platform should essentially contain Video Content Management System (CMS), Subscription and Payment Management System (SMS), Digital Rights Management Module (DRM), Big Data Analytics and AI based recommendations and should integrate well with your business work flows.

Your website should be designed and branded, and your console should allow you to control your OTT service management process.

Step #3: Develop Right OTT Apps For Your Audience

Not all OTT applications are made equivalent. At least, not in your subscriber’s eyes.

Here are the applications you need to look over:

  • Mobile Phone
  • Tablet
  • Web
  • Smart TVs and
  • Console devices

You’ll have to settle on your choices depending on your content and how and where your subscribers need it.

For Example: Let’s say you create a Cookery product where you teach people Yummy!recipes. These people will need lots of space to follow along, and a large enough screen to help them see what you’re doing from a distance. For this Smart TV and tablet are perfect.

It’s commonplace for folks to stream on their phone, the family tablet or through the Smart TV/Console in their bedroom. Short content may be watched on mobile/tablets whereas long content is mainly consumed on desktops and TVs. So choose your apps and platforms wisely.

Step #4 Create/Gather Content

No doubt, content is the king. If they’re happy with what you showcase, you’ve almost won them.

Original Content

  • As much as it is essential to offer interesting content, it is very much essential to keep it original. Television has, for so long been able to hook audiences because of its ability to constantly provide original programming. And today’s viewers expect much more than a television from an OTT platform.

Glocalized content

  • Your viewers are dynamic. They want a variety of entertainment content to suit every mood, they want it localized but would also prefer a good mix of international originals.

Format of Content

  • No doubt we live in a busy world. And what better than an entertainment video saving a viewer’s time by providing crisp and valuable content in a shorter format. The penetration of short-form video among 12 to 44 year-olds ranges from 88% to 96% worldwide. Based on your platform goals — you should choose content length and format

Step #5 Monetize your OTT platform

  • For monetizing OTT video, you need an online video platform to deliver your content. It is possible to build your own server network to deliver video directly, but there are limitations to this approach that you should be aware of.

Live and on-demand video monetizing.

  • OTT mostly revolves around video-on-demand. Think of Netflix, Amazon Prime video. Content is delivered when you want it.
  • With an online video platform, it’s possible to monetize the both live and on-demand video.

AVOD- Monetizing

  • The most common monetization model is advertising. For OTT video providers, advertising can be a potentially profitable source of income. However, remember that attracting a large viewership is essential for advertising. Advertising can be quite effective when you can bring in a large audience.

TVOD- Monetizing

  • For online video, this model can be extremely profitable. You can generate significant income via transactional video monetization as long as your content is original and premium which attracts audience.

SVOD- Monetizing

  • Another major monetization model for OTT video is subscriptions is SVOD. Netflix is the most common example of this model. This model can be highly successful as long as you have large library of good quality content.

Step #6 Launch your service

When launching an OTT service, you must establish your own compelling content and distribution strategy.

Ask yourself the following types of questions to define your strategy and determine how you will execute on it to achieve the best results:

  • Which genre(s) of content will you offer?
  • Who is your target audience? ( As discussed in Step#3)
  • What is your budget?
  • How will you program an efficient, scalable screen experience on connected TVs, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers?
  • How will you get your content in front of your target audience?

By keeping all these in mind one can Launch your own OTT platform

Here are some of the Saas based companies who can help you launch and operate your own OTT Video platform.

1. Mobiotics
The first platform is Mobiotics (Vlive), an end-end OTT Video Platform for media enterprises. Mobiotics (vLite) is an SME oriented OTT platform that can be made operatonal instantly. Headquartered in Bangalore, Mobiotics is a disruptive player on the field, offering high-end features at an affordable cost of ownership and changing the model for online video distribution and E-learning to pure SAAS.

The Brightcove plan of action centers around consolidating video facilitating with promoting. Its OTT services are very smooth, going for the high end of the market with supplemental procedure and configuration to help get another stage ready for action.

Another OTT video supplier is Ooyala. Its client list includes NBC and other worldwide brands. Ooyala platform supports OTT video delivery, advertisement, and media coordination.

Note: Brightcove acquired Ooyala’s online video platform business in 2019.

Wrapping This Up…

I trust at this point you have a clearer thought of how (and why) you should begin your very own OTT Platform.

So, Still wondering!how can I make this application?

Try not to stress…

Mobiotics can assist you with creating a marked OTT Platform for your business. From internet streaming, through to the applications you need, we have you secured.

Are you interested in giving Mobiotics(Vlite) a try ? why not sign up for 30 Days free trial to test out all the features for yourself? If you are interested in our enterprise offering — please send a mail to sales@mobiotics.com



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