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AMP HTML Theme Review

Website accessibility defines the user experience; thousands of different devices and platforms access websites on a daily basis, and providing each platform with a seamless and consistent experience, regardless of age or operating system, is a key defining feature in well-designed websites.

AMP Page Builder (accelerated Mobile Pages) ensures just that; it allows different devices to run the same website page with maximized efficiency, minimum load times and makes sure that customers can access and load websites easily and efficiently; this in-turn results in customer retention, especially for those customers for whom no other websites will load.

Architect AMP HTML Template

Using AMP isn’t just for the customers, however; Google has a “mobile-first indexing” criteria where the mobile version of your websites acts as a starting point for what Google initially include in their indexing; it also acts as a baseline to determine rankings.

It’s called “mobile-first” not because mobile accessibility is the only thing Google monitors, it’s just the first thing. If your website does NOT have a mobile-friendly version, the website may receive negative ranking points.


Mobirise and AMP Themes

Mobirise AMP is just a more easier version of creating a mobile-friendly website; whether you’re interested in creating a blog, an e-commerce website, a business page or an information hub, Mobirise AMP website builder will ensure they work efficiently with mobile devices.

Drag and drop blocks of AMP HTML Template

If a user is on the go and doesn’t have access to consistent, or high-speed internet, AMP websites will still load faster, and will be cleaner for mobile users.

Considering the fact that Google marks AMP-powered websites and displays them first on Google, shows just how important AMP is and why you should get it.

Amp Themes and Templates

Black AMP HTML theme: An amazing free bootstrap Template which features over 70 blocks that include headers, icons, forms, images, videos, sliders, social media, footers and more. It’s also available in different languages that include French, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Bulgarian, etc.

EventAMP Theme: Have a presentation, festival, meeting, conference, or other types of events you want to promote on your website? The Event AMP HTML Template has all the right blocks available to provide anyone interested with the proper information. This includes maps, forms, sliders, images and info, features, headers, tabs, footers, social media etc.

Architect AMP Theme

ArchitectAMP AMP HTML theme has been designed specifically for creative professionals like architects, interior designers and for businesses that are related to design. The theme is rich in pictures, carousals, content, light box images, forms options and it’s all boxed in a nice, minimalist design.

A wide variety of business websites, especially the ones related to design, art and professional creativity can easily be created that showcase products, designs, art, etc.

Website Blocks

Here are some of the Website Blocks you get with the ArchitectAMP theme: Social, Image, Footer, Content, Features, Header, Content, Menus, Toggles, Carousels and sliders, Light box images, Contacts, Forms and more.


With the availability of paid modules, the free AMP Architect Template can be used to set up your professional website that showcases your Architectural style and uniqueness

Mobile View of the AMP HTML Theme

There are many cool and unique blocks that you can use to customize your website, all for free and without and coding experience.

This template focuses on pictures, representations, info graphs; essentially, the visual elements. Even if you’re a newbie at creating websites, the AMP website creator will make it incredibly easy to create a website and to make it user-responsive and mobile-friendly.


Considering the absolute freedom in design, the ease of use and the functionality that comes with the Architect AMP HTML theme, it makes it a perfect piece to partner up with architects, design artists, creative professionals, artists, etc.

AMP HTML Theme in Action

ArchitectAMP is responsive, looks amazing, user-friendly, mobile-friendly and full of essential website blocks that allow anyone, with or without coding experience, to create an amazing website from scratch.




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