Awesome 18 Link in Profile Apps and Services in 2021

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11 min readAug 30, 2021


If you spend some of your daytime on social media platforms, you’ve probably noticed some people posting link in bio or link in profile or sometimes typing the hashtag #linkinbio.

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How exactly should it be understood? How will it help your online marketing? Here we go — it’s actually an effective tool which can assist you to drive traffic directly to your webpages for sales, online products, and other sources by encouraging users to check the weblink that appears in their bios.

You know there are numerous helpers and apps you can make use of to store all your Instagram links? Most of these tools assist users to craft an individual landing page that includes the pertinent URLs. Some of them are free, while others require a fair fee.
This article will focus on the most prominent link in profile applications and some different tools you are able to utilize to maximize your productivity. Let’s go!

Linktree — Link in Profile

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Linktree is the most popular web app for creating a link in bio page. As opposed to Linktree alternatives, it allows you to add cool buttons, social icons and more things to your page. You can fill out your profile by adding your profile image and bio text. Linktree supports payment systems, so you can collect payments right on your page. Moreover, Linktree provides you insights about your visitors’ views and interactions.
So if you pick this tool, you will get a fully customizable page for your Instagram link in bio.

Omnilink — Link in Profile

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Omnilink — is definitely a cool link in profile tool. It helps you to make editable landings that have few redirects utilizing a manually-created and shareable link — it’s ideal to implement in the bio for all of the profiles of your social media! Omnilink shows these links by smart compact “tiles”, providing the entire webpage an awesome look that is allowed to be customized in order to suit the colors and style of your brand.

So, you get — completely editable landings, depth analytics, a brilliant feature of managing up to 10 Omnilink pages. More than that — Omnilink is absolutely free!

Beacons — Link in Profile


Beacons is a well-known tool for link in profile building. You can utilize it to quickly build your page by adding hyperlinks. Beacons is unique because it makes use of Artificial Intelligence. This makes the entire process very easy. Answer some questions and the AI will then create a link in your bio, which you are able to modify.

Beacons permit you to connect to all of your social media accounts with the products or services which you want to offer to your followers. Beacons can be a free service but it is limited in this state, and you can unlock advanced features by purchasing premium plans that cost 10 dollars per month.

Pallyy — Link in Profile

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Pallyy is actually among the best Instagram bio link in profile tools in case you need perfect features/money relations. Firstly, you’ll have an opportunity to professionally improve your bio link page — edit styles of your branding, implement links to the content, photos, video products, and more other networks.

Additionally, receive access to detailed reports of the overall performance. Any differences between Pallyy and other apps end in our article, however, you still will have a couple of more cool tricks to maximize your business. We talk about social media analytics and research features. Track the whole process of work, operate the content of your clients, monitor your business rivals, and make some customized reports with required parameters.

Besides, to save your valuable time, there is a function of the personal schedule. And it works for all of the social platforms.

The Pallyy price starts from $15 and you can pay more when you’ll you need extra media (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Campsite — Link in Profile

Campsite is a top link in bio program for social media influencers. The link in profile builder has unlimited hyperlinks. It allows you to link all your social accounts to your website.

You can track your followers on their interactions with your site using the platform. The free version of Campsite provides decent features but if you’re looking for advanced integration and features, you can go for a premium plan that costs $7 per month.

ShortStack — Link in Profile

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It’s not a bio link in profile tool, but the site building program that has its focus on some marketing functional. Which can satisfy our needs as well. It’s still can be used as a link in app + it will assist you very much when you’ll need to start a marketing campaign and direct your followers from Instagram.

Also, this helper is perfect for online contests. Feel free to utilize all power of audience engagement by organizing photo contests for your fellow people.

In addition, it allows you to make landings with functional contact forms, quizzes, giveaways, and more. Another benefit — it has a free plan, for advanced features you can buy premium plans start at 99$ per month. — Link in Profile is another popular link in bio app which allows you to share social media links and other information with your followers. The platform has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simpler for users to connect and develop link websites.

It allows you to include testimonials, portfolios, and other components to the link in the bio page, however, these elements of design are only available to pro users. The pro version of this link in profile tool costs $6.58 per monthly. — Link in Profile

Made for you by the awesome team of rewardStyle developers, is certainly one awesome and pretty popular link in profile application made for all kinds of online influencers to help them to make money from all of their channels through linking to brands of more than 5 thousand companies and retailers.

As it is actually the app more about some shopping than a tool for link in bio, still — a huge number of internet celebrities make use of to target their fans with products they presenting on their profile pages.

So, it really makes them tag products on their personal mobile-friendly webpage and then including the link to their Instagram profile.

Lnk.Bio — Link in Profile

Lnk.Bio, a popular linkinbio-based platform that you can use to create your social media handles or products. You can build your link in profile site with ease thanks to the intuitive interface.

It also comes with numerous options for customization that can be used to give a unique look to your site. The trial version of Lnk.Bio comes with limitations, but it is possible to gain access to a wide range of advanced features by making a single payment of $24.99.

Feedlink — Link in Profile

With this link in profile app, you can create a clickable URL address that is full with links to required product webpages, landings, and much more. Make use of it with any social media platform — YouTube, Instagram, etc. — just name it.

Just like other similar apps, it provides certain licenses with various functions for each of them. Absolutely all of them have a Feedlink itself, but also they provide functions such as auto Facebook sync, albums of Twitter, responsive and lightbox option, and more other design features. So, like always — it is a free limited plan and paid ones starting from 19 dollars per month. — Link in Profile is a straightforward link in profile page generator, intended for creators, artists streamers, and many others. It comes with basic features and is designed to allow small and medium businesses to link all their social media accounts to one platform.

You can use to link to all of your social media accounts which will make it simpler for your followers to engage with them.’s free version is limited in its features. The Premium plan unlocks advanced features like Dark Mode themes as well as basic analytics. It costs $1 per month.

Sked Link — Link in Profile

Sked Link is the link in profile tool for organizing your profile, managing the content posting, and monitoring all moves of your followers. It is very simple to utilize and it helps you to provide required links to your posts, personal blogs, and many other channels and online resources.

In case you just require to implement a linkin bio webpage, Sked is perhaps not your best pick because its paid license is somewhat expensive. But still, when you want a multifunctional tool for your social media, Sked Link is actually a nice addition to your business process. Starting 25 dollars per month + you can use a 7-day free period to decide if it suits your needs.

Luma — Link in Profile

Luma is the most popular application for linking-in profiles for Influencers as well as Social Media Stars in 2021. Luma allows you to make profiles pages that you can use to promote sales or interact with your followers.

The most distinctive feature of Luma is that it allows you to sell your services as well as allow users to pay directly using their credit cards or different payment methods. You can also monitor the interactions of your followers on your page. Luma is completely free, however, there are restrictions and a five percent fee. It is possible to remove it and purchase an upgraded subscription for $39 per month, which will remove these restrictions.

Elink — Link in Profile

Check out this app — it is a required link in profile tool when you need to include a link to the bio of yours. Additionally, it has a lot more cool functions — an operator for bookmarks, generating newsletter for email, auto-posting, and, most awesome of them, building websites.

Elink is also compatible with multiple mail services like Gmail, Mailchimp, and much more.
So, when you require not only a link in bio app but also some smart and functional site maker tool — Elink is absolutely your choice. It provides a free limited plan and paid ones that begin from twelve dollars for a month. — Link in Profile is one of the best link in profile generators for 2021. as with other tools is very easy to utilize.

You will only need to sign up and provide details regarding your social profiles. After you have created your accounts, you can post the page to all your followers. It also tracks the interactions of users, which offers an additional benefit. The platform is completely free and can be used without any restrictions. If you require advanced features such as the ability to track stats and other information then you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version. Premium versions cost $5 per month.

Willow — Link in Profile

Willow is undoubtedly one of the most powerful link in profile tools for Influencers and Social Media Stars. It comes with over 20 themes that can be customized to your taste.

Willow lets you track the interaction of your followers through your profile page. This will provide you with detailed insight. Willow’s free version Willow is limited, but you can switch to the premium version, which will cost $50 per year. — Link in Profile is among the most reliable links for bio generation applications in 2021. It comes with a user interface that’s well designed and makes it much easier to use. is a great way to connect all of your social media accounts on the same platform. You can change the background of your Biolinky website with some simple changes. You can also incorporate your logo, logos, or colors on the site. The free version of Biolinky has decent features, and if you’re looking to upgrade options, you can sign up for the premium version for $4.99 per month.

Taplink — Link in Profile

Taplink is one of the most advanced and popular tools for creating links within bio which you can use in 2021. The platform was designed specifically for social media influencers as well as small-scale businesses so that they can display their products and services.

It includes more than 300 ready-to-use templates which you can easily alter according to your requirements. Taplink’s free version Taplink comes with limited features, and if you’re looking for more advanced features, you will need an upgraded account which costs $2 per month.

8bio — Link in Profile

This is a brand new product in the link in bio market. It allows you to design and personalize your own profile web page. There are a variety of options to include links in your buttons, style them however you want, or upload a photo with bio, alter the background, reorder or design any part. The 8bio link in bio app is one of the most simple tools, and thanks to its user-friendly interface we think it will be among the top 10 link in bio generators this year!


So, as you can see, there are plenty of useful tools which you can pick from, considering your own budget and requirements for certain functions. With a suitable application, you will ease your business and definitely improve its results. Good luck!