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8b: Easy Website Maker | Review 2021

Last updated: Jan 18, 2021

What are Website Makers good for?

Today everyone’s looking through different websites. And everyone understands how it’s hard to build one, especially some decent. First of all, you need to design it. If you want the site of your future would have a nice typesetting, interesting rhyme, good combination of elements and colors, you would have to spend a lot of the time studying all that stuff or you can just pay a lot for a good job.

Further, you would have to code your existing design. And the coding process could be even harder than designing. The amount of money or effort, which you would have to spend on site creation is tremendous. What if you don’t have those sources and you need to create your site very fast? The answer is obvious, you can use a website builder and learn how to create a website free of cost.


Website Builder is an awesome solution for all no coders and no designers. You can create your own site for several hours. It would have beautiful design, animation, interaction with your users, good structure and all the other vital options of a good website. Nowadays website builders can create almost every structure.

Must-have Features

One of the most popular templates is shop store with all the necessary navigation for selling. I would like to mention that nowadays builders do not necessarily need to be paid. Although almost every easy website maker has some paid options, you don’t need to buy them.

Easy Website Maker in Action

What sort of the requirements to the best website builder software could be distinguished:

  • responsive design;
  • fast and comfortable work during the site creation process;
  • the opportunity to change the layout and the elements in the way a person wants;
  • publish a website to desktop, hosting provider directly or website builder’s own free hosting server;
  • opportunity to set SEO optimization.

We’ve listed the essential requirements, which every website builder needs to support. So now you have a notion about site builders.

8b Easy Website Maker

Now we will discuss one particular website builder, which would satisfy all your necessities and would cover all the requirements. I would like to introduce you 8b Easy Website Maker.


Free of Charge

It’s one of the best free website builders. Yes, it’s totally free of any charge and it follows all the necessary requirements of the website builder. Along with the main advantages of this product, we could say that it works online. It’s not necessary to install the application to your desktop and experience different troubles because of that. For example, some builders could not be installed because of tech issues.

So it means that you can have access to your work at any time and in every place, all you need to have is a device and an internet connection.

Coolest Templates

First of all, we will discuss the design. 8b has 18 stunning templates with absolutely different topics. Here you would find Shop, Sport, Lawyer, Agency, Company, Consulting, Event, Gaming, Hotel, Medical, Music, Photographer, portfolio, Real Estate, Restaurant, Travel, Wedding, Writer. So actually you would find here almost every theme, which you might need during the site creation.

Moreover, you can change the content, images, layout, and elements’ location, so basically you can create an absolutely different theme out of any of them. Every theme contains several blocks. In 8b free website builder, you would find a lot of variations of each separate block. For example in the Music template, you can see Article block. If you would open its list, you would see the 22 variations of this one block.

I hope that it’s quite obvious that the created design would be responsive on all devices.

AMP Support

Nevertheless, the application works online, it works very fast and smoothly. You wouldn’t have any irritating moments during uploading of your work, and the site wouldn’t freeze up. 8b easy website maker works with AMP platform.

Google AMP Support

It has a lot of advantages on Google in comparison with other platforms. AMP uploads the information much faster and has a better index system as AMP is Google platform, that’s why they carry about this system. Therefore, you would have better SEO optimization and you would find your site higher in the Google ranking list.

Publish Anywhere

One more very useful and nice thing, which you can find in 8b easy website maker, is the opportunity to publish your website directly to your hosting provider. It’s a very good thing for you as some other builders force their users to publish their sites to the platform server and pay for that.

Domain Connection and Site Export

Also, you can save the created project to your PC and bring the changes to the code if you know how to do that. Of course it’s possible to publish your website to the 8b easy website maker hosting server either.


So, as you could mention, we pointed out all the essential and necessary for any website builder options in the description of 8b easy website maker. Please don’t hesitate to check out 8b builder, it’s absolutely free. You would find everything you need for the successful site creation.




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